[KHM] Birgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of Bounty

@botvinik There are numerous flex slots and @IamActuallyLvL1 and @notmi have been fooling around with different configurations. They have run multiple keys, but they are running more Tops and Monoliths. I have deemphasized that aspect of the build a bit to run more interaction.

@vaughnbros Jarvis played some games with it and added Wasteland Strangler to the SB (cutting Karn and Lattice). I don't think he was serious.

Tried the list and some others. Birgi is really powerful, but in my opinion the format is just a total disaster at this point for me to really enjoy playing it. Just so little interaction, either I was going off or my opponent was.

To elaborate on my testing of Bergi as a centerpiece more.

I don’t think I ever had a game where I was unhappy to see her and in multiples she gets even better, which is not typical of most cards.

The 3 mana mode is excellent value. She quickly pays for herself as she triggers off every spells, which is often better than cost reduction effects since she makes mana off 0 drops. The 3/3 body was big enough to guard my life total and pressure the opponent in different scenarios.

The 5 mana mode though is what is bordering on broken. This has to be by far the best “future sight” effect that I’ve ever played. If you have cards in your hand you can instantly dig deep into your deck as every card in your hand becomes 2 off the top effectively doubling your hand size. I’m not sure if it was correct, but I found myself wanting to pass after casting so that I could have all my mana untapped to cast everything that she finds. The interaction with Sensei’s top seems more like gravy than a necessity.

My final thought is that she may actually be better in a build that isn’t reliant on artifacts as her abilities work in any deck although I’m uncertain as to what that would look like exactly.

I have now played little of the deck and I am impressed with it's consistency and explosiveness. I have some thoughts.

  1. I really hate not having forces and being both highly venerable to and unable to counter mindbreak trap.
  2. I believe you have here invented an improved version of DPS. Better vs shops, less venerable to grave hate, and better at dodging fluster on the non-combo turn. But in the end it is the sme terrifying life without forces where in many hands a single counter sends you packing.
  3. This is the first deck I have played in a while that makes me happy to have 2-3 voltaic keys in it which is an accomplishment in a vacuum.
  4. Balance is really good in this deck especially with the horn out as you can dump your hand into the horn balance and effectively have a whole additional hand to work with.
  5. Not running forces makes citadel noticeably better. Also citadel and the horn are really good friends and work together incredibly well, citadell filling your hand and the horn keeping the top of the deck clear of lands and other obstructions.

This is not meant to rag on the deck it is an improvement over DPS (at least the lists I have been trying) but it feels to me like they do a very similar thing. (The wishes feel a lot like dark petitions.)

Also I found the meta to be very combo/TOK heavy and am personally favoring decks like doomsday that both have strong clock and a solid counter package. Although I will admit missing this decks absurdly high mana density in shops matches.

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@Botvinik @vaughnbros

Thank you for trying Birgi out. The purpose of writing up posts like these is encourage people to give the new cards a shot and I'm happy you were both impressed by the card.

Surprisingly, I have won 9 out of 10 combo matchups (mix of Breach, PO, and Doomsday). I board out all but 1 Defense Grid (mainly as a tutor target) and board in the interaction. MBT is on the weaker side but it's not a dead hit with Citadel and will typically buy you a turn. Other versions I've seen have sacrificed the interaction for more Keys and Tops. There was also a Grixis Breach version with Birgi that made the top 8 of the ManaTraders series.

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I may like the doomsday side of the deal more because I am very good at playing doomsday and not as good at playing Birgi which would accentuate the weaknesses and make the upsides of doomsday shine brighter in my mind.

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The worst matchup definitely felt like Hatebears, but I did win one against them as well... otherwise it just lost games to variance (Force of Will test and other combo decks getting assembled faster).

Collector ophe really hurts and anyone who wants to pick this up I strongly recommend mainboarding a bolt.
Assuming you are starting with chubby's list the card I was least impressed with was pyro, but what you cut is entirely up to you.

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The 1 spell a turn guy is even worse. If I played this again, I’d definitely try to get more removal in. Maybe a board sweeper (firespout?)

That seems like an excellent inclusion. However I often find myself short on mana vs these decks so I would rather play the bolt.

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