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SMIP is back with the 100th episode.

Holy moly! 8 hours of podcast! Looking forward to this one.

What ever happened to their set reviews? I haven't seen one since Ikoria. Having an Alpha set review instead is basically mocking their inability to keep up with the format.


Yeah. Steve and Kevin’s tiny brains “can’t handle” reviewing so many ugly cards.


But it’s a Vintage podcast. Old School, Middle School, and Premodern were created for the people that have an antiquated view of how the game “should” look and play.

I’ve listened to the first couple of hours of this podcast and I’ve become more excited about Vintage than I’ve been in a while. I really hope we get to revisit some of these nostalgic formats of the past, but I’m also open to the idea of playing modern Vintage again and embracing what comes next!


Premodern was created with the intention of capturing a format type and experience that is lacking in modern MTG formats. There is no claim that it is "more correct' or "they way it should be played".

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