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  • Re: Deck Discussion: Two Card Muddy

    So, not exactly the same deck, but I played this at a side event at GP Manchester:

    4 Mishra's Workshop
    4 Polluted Delta
    4 Underground Sea
    1 Tolarian Academy

    1 Black Lotus
    1 Mox Ruby
    1 Mox Jet
    1 Mox Sapphire
    1 Mox Emerald
    1 Mox Pearl
    1 Sol Ring
    1 Mana Crypt
    1 Mana Vault
    1 Mox Opal

    4 Leyline of the void
    4 Helm of Obedience
    4 Painter's Servant
    4 Grindstone
    4 Serum Powder
    4 Force of Will
    4 Mental Misstep
    4 Misdirection
    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Time Walk
    1 Tinker
    1 Timetwister
    1 Demonic Tutor


    4 Hurkyl's Recall
    4 Defense Grid
    2 Thougtseize
    2 Pact of Negation
    2 Echoing Truth
    1 (Honestly cannot remember, I want to say flusterstorm?)

    It was only a small tournament, but this deck was lots of fun, and I won more matches than I lost! :P

    Might try to work on it in the future some more. :)



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