Timetwister$>Ancestral Recall

I sure hope this is in the right place, but if not, please know I did poke around to the various sub forums, and couldn't find a better place.

I've been away from the Vintage scene since War of the Spark (still not sure what I think about infinity walkers) but I was talking card values with some and started looking into the value of my cards. Beyond the ridiculousness of just how high everything is, Star City Games has Timetwister valued higher than Ancestral Recall (Unlimited to Unlimited). Surely this had to be a typo, right? I checked TCG and they had the same thing.

What the heck did I miss over the last couple of years?? I remember when Timetwister was the kid in the corner eating paste of the power nine... More P9 by association than anything. (Im not saying it's power wasn't recognized... it was always just behind the rest.)

My understanding here is that Timetwister is legal in Commander. Also, Vintage no longer drives the prices of power. The price of power is really driven by Old School. A lot of Vintage is primarily online now and paper is really just for collectors and old school players.

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I did forget about the Commander impact. Honestly, that in itself is probably a good enough reason.

Thank you!

@moorebrother1 said in Timetwister%2gt;Ancestral Recall:

The price of power is really driven by Old School.

The price of power is driven by Bitcoin and Nostalgia. Playable formats is a DISTANT 3rd at best.

Twister is legal in more formats. Even several old school formats either ban Ancestral or make it unappealing to play (7 point singleton). For good reason, the card is obviously just stupid.

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