this card is weird. being a sorcery probably kills it, but it kills anything but goyf or oko.

I love flexibility, and being a limited lightning bolt + disenchant in one card is sweet. Sorcery definitely hurts it to the point of likely unplayable though. Abrade, wear/tear, and similar modal/flexible cards are all playable only because they are instants.

I am still playing brian's omnath deck and this card will fit great, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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To be fair, I'm jamming the hell out of this card in standard, but not quite there for Vintage imo.


I am playing growth spiral this card is fine.

@botvinik I don't see the correlation. GS is an instant, replaces itself, and can speed you up a turn...this is a sorcery, conditional on a worthwhile target (though there are tons in vintage) and doesn't advance your own gameplan. This is also not blue/green, so it doesn't get the "pitches to force" bonus that has become so key to Vintage.

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