This is my pick for sleeper of the set. The magecraft trigger is almost trivial in decks that would play this like Delver and can be used to both turn this card into a 2/2 flyer or as a defensive tool. It almost has to be removed if you want to try and alpha strike a blightsteel through, and can even make your pyromancer tokens bigger.

I in no way think this is going to supplant delver, but being a 1 drop I could easily see it being delver copy 5-6 as that deck has always wanted to be able to play another good blue tempo creature.


It can't shrink blightsteel because it only sets things you control to 2.

You can use Symmetry Sage to make Dreadhorde Arcanist have 2 power and then use Arcanist's trigger to make Sage have 2 power.


This is funny and can flashback scroll and walk so maybe actually ok?

@botvinik It can also get Demonic Tutor, Balance, Abrade, Hurkyl's Recall, even Abrupt Decay or Assassin's Trophy should one be on a 4C pile.

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