[6/18] [Woodridge, IL] - Vintage at Chimeras Comics Woodridge (unsanctioned)!

  • Vintage at Chimeras Comics Woodridge!

    Format: Vintage (unsanctioned)
    Cost: $15 (10 playtest cards) + $1 for each additional playtest card (up to 15 in total)
    Prizes: See below
    When: Saturday, June 18 at 1 PM

    Chimera's Comics Woodridge
    1001 75th St, Woodridge, Illinois 60517

    Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/497131497158289/

    Prizes will be awarded in store credit, and can be used on singles, eternal masters product, comics, and more!

    8 players:

    1st: $50
    2nd: $25
    3rd: $15

    12 players:

    1st: $70
    2nd: $30
    3rd: $15
    4th: $15

    16 players:

    1st: $100
    2nd: $45
    3rd: $20
    4th: $15

    20 players:

    1st: $120
    2nd: $60
    3rd: $25
    4th: $15

    Playtest Cards
    They must be exact copies, either through print outs or white-out. The great tool for print outs is the following website: http://magic.bluebones.net/proxies

    Lets bring vintage back to the Chicago Land area! At Chimera, we have a dedicated vintage group of around 8 players, and a number of near by vintage players have expressed interest in coming by to sling some magic, as it was meant to be played!

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