White Eldrazi

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    On weekends Steve they only publish one of the events a day.

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    @Montolio Yeah, this was a weekday event (a Thursday, in fact). It just goes to show that not every daily that fires (even if it's the only 1 that day) is reported.

  • @Smmenen Oh that is bizarre.

  • @Smmenen hey Steve. That same daily I actually went 4-0 (I think we played round 1)with a list very similar to LSVs Mentor list except I changed the sb -1 Cage, +1 Pyroblast, it was the Thursday before the P9. I messaged an ORC about the community always collecting data for vintage since vintage is in the radar for wotc with the next B&R. They told me they cannot reveal information on why dailies do not post. I wish I knew what that meant, but in reality in seems like an answer I expected to get. The ORC told me to send in a message so I did, with the same response in the email.
    I did stress that we need as much data as possible since another time I went 3-1 a daily didn't post on a weekday but I thought maybe it didn't post due to a glitch. But it seems with that answers there may be more to it...

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    @i_b_TRUE said in White Eldrazi:

    @Smmenen hey Steve. That same daily I actually went 4-0 (I think we played round 1)

    You should watch the video ;) We played in round 4. We played in Round 1 of the very next tournament I played in, the P9 Challenge.

  • @Smmenen You're right, I got the tournaments and rounds mixed up and I just noticed the link to the videos. So I will check them out. But it is odd that they cannot " reveal " the reason why events don't post.

  • I played White Eldrazi in the Power 9 today for the first time figuring I would dodge artifact removal and Mentor hate and prey on slower blue decks, especially Oath. I lost the mirror, beat two Oath decks, lost to Shops, beat Storm, and lost to Dredge. I got more unlucky than not in my losses, and more lucky than I should have in my Storm win.

    I kind of hated the play experience as most games I was either crushing or getting crushed with few relevant decisions.

    My only interesting decision was match 1, game 1, hand 1 on the play. I drew a 7 of Cavern, Lotus, Thorn, TKS, Revoker, Priest, and Thalia. I'm not sure keeping is correct. Thoughts? I also played the Lotus through an obvious F6. That led to me believe no Force of Will, but I wasn't willing to put him on non-blue as a possible double-bluff (right/wrong?), so I played Caverns naming Human, then Thorn and Thalia over the TKS. I even Revokered a t.2 Mox Ruby, instead of Wastelanding (my draw) an Ancient Tomb - right/wrong? I wanted mana to cast my TKS perhaps next turn. Well, I got run over pretty fast by Priest/Displacer combo, and lost game 3 to a turn-1 Smasher. Both Thalia and Thorn ended up being pretty useless so I definitely screwed up in results-based analysis, but of course I'd prefer logic. Was overthinking the F6 clue dumb? Any obvious problems with the deck choice? Thoughts appreciated.

  • No responses? @Brass-Man said he loves responding to the hypos (I offered 3-4 there!).

  • Your hand didn't really line up with what you want in the mirror. Thalia and Thorn are almost blanks. Your land is not ideal plus you only had 1 land in your opening 7. So just looking at that hand in retrospect, if you knew your opponent was on the mirror would you have mulliganed? Yes.

    Did you consider naming Eldrazi Displacer with your Revoker? Not knowing the exact situation, naming a Mox may have been too slow not having enough mana on your side to land your larger threats.

    In reference to your F6 comment, if your opponent let Lotus resolve then why not just play TKS still with Cavern naming Human? TKS will resolve and then you are 1 of your 21 other mana sources from a follow-up turn 2 Thalia or Thorn.

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    I agree with @ssasala. After resolving Lotus, I would have played Cavern on Human followed by TKS. You're fairly likely to draw the single mana source you need to play one of your many 2-drops on turn two, and this is probably the only way to get your TKS on the board.

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