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  • @stuart said in White Eldrazi:

    Vryn Wingmare

    Maybe try out Glowrider because it's a human?

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    @themonadnomad The glowrider vs Wingmare thing is a trade off, basically the ability to attack through ground critters vs being easier to cast. People have different opinions about what is more important I don't know off hand.

    As for hatebears, I think most of them that we aren't playing are a little lackluster, mostly because spirit of the lab has never been as good as I wanted, and got less good with ballista. I don't know that there are a lot of good candidates atm, but I could see a meta where canonist made sense.

  • Thorn was an important card, but this may be an opportunity for Eldrazi to go even more aggro, and try and push more damage early. Endless one, Hangerback, ballista are all things I would try, or try in larger numbers before Vryn Wingmare or Glowrider. Even Palace Jailer (while not a turn 1 play) can start to see more MB action. My issues have always been hitting stretches of 3-4 consecutive draws of extra mana or sphere's, and then falling to far behind due to an early threat getting removed. The hit on the White Monk Machine should also mitigate this decks tendency to fall behind.

  • I have heard rumors that there are still some ppl besides me trying to make White Eldrazi playable since Thorns restriction. Any one have a list?

    Note: this is not for white hatebears; that is a different deck.

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    The only thing that has been encouraging me at all is Sorcerous Spyglass (i assume the link won't work yet), but basically Peek + Pithing needle for 2 generic mana. That is the card that I think gets the closest to replacing thorn, but I don't have a list yet. Whatever list I have is probably going to have access to stony silence or null rod though.

  • @ssasala I faced nickname espiatrianero (or is that you?) in a league match recently, so he's continuing with White Eldrazi. Don't have his list though.

  • Wanted to cc: in a quote from @JACO in another thread, for reference: The far more devastating effect of the Thorn of Amethyst restriction is to White Eldrazi. Thorn + Thalia was the basis for that deck to begin with, so I think now is the time for those White Eldrazi decks to widely adopt Null Rod/Stony Silence, as well as fully integrate Sanctum Prelate in to their builds, and change their manabase slightly to accommodate the necessary change. I played a fair amount of Prelate in the end of 2016 and early 2017 (in both Eldrazi and Junk Hatebears decks), and it is as good as advertised, if you can cast it on time.

    When I last played the deck pre-ban, I had gone down to 3 Temples and upped the basic Plains count to 5, in addition to the 2 Karakas, for non-Cavern white mana sources.

    Is it time to start playing Caves of Koilos in the deck as well since there is still some synergy with the Eldrazi colorless requirement? If so, is 2, too many? I hadn't thought of the Sanctum Prelate option to this point but it's such a great idea (if it can be cast consistently), although a turn slower than you would often want to be.

  • @loukayza shefet dunes is better than caves of koilos, no?

  • Has anyone gotten any testing in with Spyglass? I'm considering replacing my 2 MD Null Rods with Spyglasses (Rod has been such a double edged sword), but I'm not really gonna have time to test before EW.

  • @stuart I have been playing with 2-3 MD online the last few weeks. I was lucky enough to play against @Oestrus in the Vintage Challenge this past weekend and did get to have the ultimate joy of naming Bazaar with Spyglass game 1 against Dredge. Then Erin proceeded to steam roll me games 2 and 3 with 4/4 and 5/5s. Oh the irony. I am supposed to be the one attacking with 4/4 and 5/5s.

    It's hard to evaluate the card still. Besides the best play of naming Bazaar, the fact that it lets you see your opponents hand is critical early on. Waiting to cast uncounterable TKS is fun, but by then you may have already had your Temple wasted or you set COTV to the wrong number. I have named Tarn (hitting 2 tarns) to only have the opponent draw Volc. I have named Dack to have the opponent draw JTMS.

    I am still on the 2 MD plan right now. For EW, it is a bit different because of budgetary concerns with players. Dredge will probably be more represented in paper than online. Remember priest and Cage do nothing against Hollow one and Gurmag Angler. Stopping Bazaar does stop both of these cards from landing, indirectly. Spyglass is the best at this.

    Remains to be seen if this card is worth it.

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