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    @griselbrother I guess my main issue is I have a problem with spirit sticking. It always gets countered and If I use caverns, it always gets abraded or STPed. I think I just need to re-evaluate my sequencing and use something like Thalia 2.0 or another critter as bait more. I run the odd choice of wanting to land spirit as early as I can to shut down card draw but save it for when they use removal for other stuff.

    I think that's just a testiment of the strenght of Spirit more than anything else. You can't do much about removal other than consider your sequencing and play Mental Misstep.

    Currently I'm working on a W/r list basedon on on the mono white list I created. Basically it's just an attempt to improve the Shops matchup, primarily because of By Force.

    It also doesn't run Null Rod/Stony Silence at the moment.

  • UW Eldrazi came in 26th at EW Europe. Blue splash for Ancestral and Time Walk is fun.

  • @stuart Nah that splash is all about Energy Flux

  • @wappla Wow I missed that. You're not kidding - that's a great addition.

  • I’ll write a detailed SCGCon report this week, but went 9-4 in the Power 9 Series and finished 13th out of 124. Super happy with the weekend. Wins and losses were:


    • Stax: 2-0, 2-0
    • Paradoxical Oath: 2-1, 2-0
    • Jeskai Xerox: 2-0
    • Dredge: 2-1, 2-1
    • Oath: 2-1
    • BUG: 2-0


    • Paradoxical Karn: 0-2
    • Colorless Eldrazi: 1-2
    • Ravager Shops: 0-2
    • BR Daretti: 1-2

    (Astute readers will notice how little Shops I ran into.)

  • @stuart solid results and great job!

    I noticed your MB was 1 Card off from the list I got two 5-0 finishes with (only 1 posted). Looks like the difference was the +1 Revoker / -1 Metamorph

    I recently started playing W Eldrazi in leagues again with the rise of PO, U Control and Xerox decks I was facing consistently which W Eldrazi is heavily favored imo. I’m from NJ so I normally will not bring W Eldrazi to any local tournaments with the amount of Shops players. Same for Challenges, pending on what I gauge from the players on Shops, I’ll stay away from W Eldrazi.

    I think the two worst matchups for W Eldrazi are Shops and Colorless Eldrazi. However, in one of my 5-0 leagues I beat Shops 3 times and each game came down to sequencing and correct attacks.

    Also, Glowrider has been and is the right choice to go along with, Thalia 1.0.

  • Cheers @i_b_TRUE! Funny you mention the similar lists; here's a quote from me back in January:

    @stuart said in White Eldrazi:

    I_B_True just 5-0’d with this list, which is 4 cards off from the list I 5-0’d with last weekend.

    Cheers to him, and I like his changes. In the main he’s turned 1 Revoker into a Metamorph, which somehow I’ve never considered. In the board he’s turned 1 Kataki, 1 Cage, and 1 Plow into 1 Crypt, 1 RIP, and 1 Trinisphere.

    Seems like we were developing similar lists in tandem! Obviously YMMV and I don't mean to sound pompous, but I think you and I have basically arrived at the correct 60. +1 Metamorph, -1 Revoker is a totally fine switch; obviously great for your Oath matchup, and getting to copy an extra Glowrider or Eldrazi can be killer. I stuck with Revoker primarily for its castability, but was also keeping it for Shops (Ballista) and PO (Top and Time Vault).

    Agreed 100% on Glowrider. The card is just insane against Blue decks; getting 3 extra Thorn effects is one of the more compelling reasons to play this deck instead of Shops. Wingmare would be an excellent addition to the deck, but our manabase is trash and can't accommodate it. Plus, Glowrider is old frame!

    Likewise agree that if you're in a Shops-heavy environment, this is not the deck to play. This weekend, I was on 12 pieces of Shops hate in my board and still lost the match. But assuming you can dodge that matchup, I agree that the deck is well-positioned against almost everything else in the format.

  • @stuart Agreed with you on all accounts! Again, great finish at SCG Con!

  • Two White Eldrazis top 8'd in the most recent MTGO Challenge:

    My main takeaway is multiple Spirit of the Labyrinth in both maindecks. Makes sense in a world of Paradoxical.

  • A few more recent Eldrazi finishes:

    • GodOfSlaughter's list is similar to the ones I posted a few weeks ago: we're seeing Spirit of the Labyrinth and Misstep, replacing some number of Smashers. Interestingly it's also running Lodestone, which has been kinda out of vogue.
    • Espiatrianero's list is more similar to the lists @i_b_TRUE and I have had some luck with.

    On a different note, what do you guys think of the powered Colorless lists? I keep coming back to Henrik Storm's EU Vintage Champs list as something I'd like to mess around with.