White Eldrazi

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    @grr Thanks for the reply!

    My mulligan strategy for this deck is that any hand without a white source has to be otherwise very strong in order to keep it. I've tried Lotus Petal before and it was ok but if I remember correctly I was less dependent on Null Rod/Stony Silence before Thorn was restricted. What I really want is exactly 1 (or occasionally 2) basic Plains in a game and that's it. But I really do want that one. I had experimented with Smuggler's Copter before for flying over board stalls as well as filtering but this version feels so reliant on Stony Silence that I don't think that's the right direction anymore.

    I managed to play six matches with this list (with Swords subbed in for Holy Light) online last night. They were just Tournament Practice Room matches and there were some rogue-ish matchups but I did win all of them, so that's good. In a nutshell I beat:

    • Oops All Spells
    • Traxos Shops (with Tangle Wire and, I suspect Null Rod although I didn't see that)
    • Jeskai Control
    • a strange blue deck with Ancient Tomb, Mox Opal and Tinker
    • 5-color Thieves
    • Esper Outcome

    Every match went to three games except vs. Shops. When this deck works and you resolve two or three disruptive permanents it's amazing and when they manage to deal with those and you draw all lands it just feels so bad and they vintage you.

    Anyway, I really liked the Spheres, Stony Silence over Null Rod and cutting the maindeck Priests. I want to test more aginst Ravager Shops, especially.

  • I feel like anytime anyone says they are favored over Shops hasn't tested the matchup enough. Basic Plains are great in the matchup. I will have to do some testing with Spheres.

    I think in preparation for EW I recommend putting Priests back in the 60. Dredge and Oath are inevitable matchups in sanctioned magic.

    Nice job on the finish. Did you ever try Serenity in the sideboard?

  • @drstreetmention Unrelated sorry, but what was the 5c Thieves like? I haven't heard of a list but if you know it exists and can point it out i would appreciate it.

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    @sovarius I hadn’t seen it before but it seemed like Grixis Thieves plus Mentor. He had Key/Vault and Tinker/Blightsteel and, at least after board, Balance. I don’t know what the green was for but at one point he had one of each blue dual plus Academy out.

  • @drstreetmention Leovold comes to mind. I played 4c control at EW last year with Dack/Thief shell (no tinkerbot and keyvault packages so i don't want to call it thieves, heh)

    Thank you!

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    @sovarius leovold makes a lot of sense. That’s one greedy deck right there.

  • @DrStreetmention yes, I tend to ship back any hand without any white sources, unless it is explosive enough (Turn 1 TKS, Spheres+Wastelands or the like). About Lotus Petal, I think I'll try it next tournament instead of Mox Sapphire: if we have Stony SIlence in play it will be as bad as any mox; but again, if we have Stony Silence, it means that we had white mana already.

    About mulligans, I felt that I mulliganed a lot (8 times in 17 matches, one of them down to 5, though I won these). I'm not sure it that's inherent to the deck or if I was just unlucky with my opening seven. Sadly, I didn't track which hands didn't keep.

    "They vintage you". I like it ☺

    @ssasala you're right, I haven't tested so much against Shops (I sleeved the deck and take it to the tournament without any testing TBH), and I was lucky in my Top 4 matches; probably if they start explosively we will have a bad time. I'm sure we can fight back, though, as we can also cripple their manabase with strip effects and Stony Silences and play big creatures, like they do.

    About Priests in the SB, that was mainly a meta call; Catalan Vintage League is an endless ocean of blue decks (Jeskai and Paradoxical builds being a 60-70% of the field), so I felt Priests were not needed maindeck. If your meta is more healthy, maindeck Priests are great for sure (though I'm not sure what would I side out to make room for them).

    I haven't tested Serenity yet; I don't feel comfortable with so many non-creature White cards (against Shops post-board, I like to play only lots of mana, as much creatures as possible and Stony Silences) . But if the next matches against MUD go bad, I'll try it for sure.

  • Hey there folks,

    Top 8'd last Catalan Vintage League this last Saturday (which was also my birthday BTW ☺ ). We were 23 players this time. My list was the same one from last tournament, except for +1 Lotus Petal -1 Mox Sapphire main and +2 Swords to Plowshares -2 Holy Light side. The tournament went like this:

    • Round 1: win vs Jeskai Mentor 2-1 (WLW, OTP game 1). We should have drawn this one, but my opponent made a huge mistake in his last turn when he FoWd his own Time Walk to make some tokens (he has 2 Pyromancers). I had Thalia HC in play, so tokens entered tapped, so in my last turn I swung for lethal.
    • Round 2: lost vs PO Mentor 1-2 (WLL, OTP game 1). Game 1 was easy (CotV @ 1 + Thalia GoT + Sphere into fast concession). I couldn't pressure him enough game 2, and Game 3 I had to mulligan to 5, started with Lotus -> Temple -> TKS that was Forced and that was game. Variance happens.
    • Round 3: win vs Jeskai Mentor 2-0 (WW, OTP game 1). Match with no history, I just drew best than him.
    • Round 4: win vs White Eldrazi 2-1 (WLW, OTD game 1). My opponent tried to start game 1 with Lotus -> Plains -> TKS; when I told him he can't play Seer without colorless mana he passed the turn with no other play. In my turn I played Revoker naming Lotus and that was it. Game 2 he started too strong, and he got stuck on lands game 3.
    • Round 5: ID and in
    • Top 8: lost vs Jeskai Mentor 1-2 (LWL, OTP game 1). Same opponent that Round 1, this time with no mistakes; he made lots and lots and LOTS of tokens with his pyromancers and I couldn't stop him. Losing Game 1 (for the first time since I play this deck) hurts a lot!

    Total: 3-2 in matches, 8-6 in games (9-3 and 21-10 in the two last tournaments).

    Some random thoughts:

    • I really liked Lotus Petal, it allowed me to play some Thalias or Stony Silences turn 1. Mox Sapphire will not make a comeback in the next tournaments!
    • I had a lot of trouble dealing with Elemental tokens vs Jeskai Mentor. Ironically, Holy Light would have helped a lot there. I'm thinking about replacing Swords for Ratchet Bombs to deal with tokens, given that I side out Stony Silence against Jeskai. Balance would be another possibility there.
    • I mulliganed a lot less that the previous tournament, but I've also drawn a lot worse and got brutally flooded in three or four matches. Maybe 31 mana sources are really too much; I can see myself playing 3 Eldrazi Temples instead of 4. I'm not really sure which card should I add in this case.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to comment!

  • Eternal Central's got a full breakdown of the EW decks. I was curious about White Eldrazi, as @diophan and @ChubbyRain have it lumped together with Unpowered. Here's what I found:

    • Unpowered Jacodrazi: 12
    • Unpowered White: 5
    • Powered White: 5
    • Powered Colorless: 1

    Does anyone who's better at math/less of an idiot than me wanna calculate win percentages for the various archetypes? I'd love to know how White Eldrazi did overall, but don't wanna attempt the numbers and post something incorrect.

    (On a semi-related note, I went 6-4 and will have a tournament report up one of these days. The deck performed fine; I was happy with some of my choices while there are changes I'll be making. In short, though, I think White Eldrazi is a solid choice nowadays.)

    *Edit: maybe spoke too soon. No White Eldrazi decks went better than 6-4, as far as I can see.

  • I played a pretty stock White Eldrazi list at EW. I ran into Shops 4 times and went 1-3. Overall I was 5-5. I beat Blue and Oath decks. I lost to Shops 3 times, survival once, and red stompy with 2nd turn blood moon both games.

    White Eldrazi is a fine deck, but hopeless against Shops. I am not saying anything new or enlightening. This is almost my derpstep torch bearing. Can't beat Shops. Nothing new.

    Survival is a bad matchup in my opinion. You need a revoker or Thalia 2.0 or wasteland. But Containment priests are great cards.