Adding Unfollow and Block Features

Seems to be a polarizing issue. Why don't you just shelve it for a few months and work on things that are more important to the general community. Right now is a super exciting time, so everyone has a strong opinion. We can always revisit it later when you've already accomplished your primary goals and everybody has a sense of how big of an issue this really is. Once the dust settles on the new site, I think things will be a little less contentious.

Otherwise, I think we'll all be blocked from each other by the end of this thread 🙂

The only difference between me ignoring you and me blocking you is my own experience. It literally has 0 impact on you as the blockee.

The "mob tactics" of being offended are never healthy for a forum. My suggestion for the admins would be to err on the side of freedom.

Hmm, is it just me or has TMD changed a little? Could be mistaken.

Blocking individuals sounds similar to creating a safe space.

I'll have to have a look around here.

@Urtho I'm better at bluster than anyone else... ever.

+1 for the blocking feature. And I'd also volunteer to help with implementation of it.

There's a lot of casual misogyny/transphobia/racism that happens in forums with a majority population, and I don't necessarily have the energy to call every instance of that out every time it happens and explain why that thing is bad. It's exhausting. Much easier to report posts and then block the user. I haven't come across it at nearly the level it's been in other forums, but it's there and would be nice to have a way to deal with it outside of confrontation.

+1 for the blocking feature. Listening to warriors of social justice opine about their duty to save us from the evil oppressive majority gets old quick and confrontation usually leads to cries of safe space violation.

@nedleeds What are you trying to get out of a post like this? She already left the site, you already "won."

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