GENCON 2016 - Nuke it from orbit!

  • The Vintage / Legacy Champs trial events are up finally

    Gencon Event Site

    So last year these were all Regular REL, with no deck lists. I'm emailing Pastimes to confirm if this is the case again. I wasn't thrilled that my Oath opponents got take backs last year, byes for a Competitive event should be fed by Competitive feeders IMO.

  • Bump ~3 weeks out. 4 Vintage events, the descriptions are now filled out. They are fixed 5 rounders (assuming enough participants).

  • If nothing of yours was stolen, it wasn't bad as far as GenCon goes.

  • I believe there were no thefts last year, at least in the play area. I hope everyone maintains the level of vigilance we showed last year.

    An email reminder to Pastimes is also probably in order, I'll copy paste mine from last year.

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