• If, hypothetically, I held TMD Open 17 on Saturday, August 6, would the fact that it is the same weekend as Gencon keep you from coming to Connecticut?

    Please be honest, as gauging attendance is obviously quite important to the success of the event.


  • @iamfishman NOPE! This needs to happen. While I wouldn't kill for a big vintage tourney in CT, I'd strongly consider maiming.

  • Ray, if you can give more notice and the prizes are good, I'll definitely come.

    Nick Detwiler has said that he's no longer doing the NYSE, so the TMD Open could possibly return to its former glory and take over for the NYSE.

    Since I live in the state of Hawaii, I need about 6 months notice to arrange the trip.

  • In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Ray,

    This is awesome news, but it's not enough lead time for someone like me, who also would have to arrange travel from a great distance. I'd love to come, but August is too soon.

  • Even with the short lead you should be able to draw enough people from the tri-state plus PA to hold a respectable tourney, even if the prizes were just in store credit

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    receives the travis laplante seal of approval, and that is the most important thing possible

  • Would love to go (obviously Magic trivia is my main event), but as you mentioned, previous plans are previous plans with......Hope it's another weekend, if not I hope you get a strong turnout from the NE tri-state crowd.

  • Competing with Gen Con would definitely keep me out.

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    Unfortunately I've already bought plane tickets/hotel rooms for Gen Con, I wouldn't be able to make it that weekend.

  • Same weekend as Gencon is not a good idea and notice is too short.

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    @iamfishman there's no way I could get to gencon, but living in Vermont means I'm relatively close to Connecticut. I'd love to make this my first paper vintage tournament. Plus my birthday is in August so maybe I could use that as an excuse to plan a trip.

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    If you do decide to run the event, either this date or on a later date, I would gladly write an article previewing the event. I could time it a week or two prior to the date to advertise it. All I'd need would be time and info.

  • Hate the state of the format right now. Would be there.

    Run it, Ray.

  • Also, Shawn, I haven't said that I'm no longer doing the NYSE series, I've said that I don't know if I want to do another. I haven't made a decision on that yet, and won't for a few more weeks.

  • I'll rally up the troops. If you make it, they will come.

  • Like the state of the format right now. Would be there.

    Run it, Raymond.

  • I'm down

  • Hi Ray!

    Have a family event that day and wouldn't be able to make it.

    Also in the "Hate the state of the format" camp. If the dci made a change,
    and the date were to be moved I would make an effort to show up. Had a great
    time at the last tmd open.

  • Love the state of the format. Anywho, first child is due on 8/17, so it would be a hard sell to my pregnant half to be several hrs away all day. I would put my chances of attending at less than 10% but not because of anything to do with short notice or Gencon.

  • Thanks for all the feedback guys. Unfortunately, this can't be scheduled into the school year as my Department Chair duties have grown increasingly more involved since I moved to her a bigger school. However, it looks like I will be able to push this back a week and avoid Gencon.

    What made me really happy about this thread, though, is how many of you have already offered to help me get the word out about this. TMD Opens(Waterburys) have always been a grassroots type event without any backing from a major store or tournament organizers like SCG. But with the infrequency of my events, there seems to be a whole new generation of Vintage players who don't know the TMD Open experience. I am going to rely heavily on those of you who already know what an experience I try to make each event to tell others about this so that we can have a fantastic event. In return, I will promise to plan plenty into this event that will leave everyone with some lasting memory above and beyond the vintage they play.

    Expect an official announcement in a few days!


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