[7/17/16] - [Los Angeles, CA] - Sanctioned Vintage @ Knight Ware

  • Knight Ware's July Sanctioned Vintage Tournament
    is on Sunday the 17th, 2016 at 2PM

    REL level will probably be Regular unless someone wants to just Judge and not play.

    facebook link

    Store credit prizes 100% payout including all extra$
    (I was going to do fixed prizes but card $ is varying too much for this)

    Basic entry fee (you bring your own deck) $20 cash only

    As this is Sanctioned, no proxy/playtest cards are allowed but---

    There will be a store credit prize for the highest finishing deck that does NOT contain any of these cards-

    Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, Mox Emerald,
    Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Mox Ruby,
    Mox Sapphire, Time Walk, Timetwister,
    Bazaar of Baghdad, Mishra's Workshop, Time Vault

    I also have the following cards available to rent for a bit extra over the basic entry fee

    5x Bazaar of Baghdad $5 each or $16 for a playset
    2x Mishra's Workshop $5.00 /ea

    3 Ancestral Recall $5.00
    3 Black Lotus $10.00
    3 Mox Emerald $3.00
    3 Mox Jet $4.00
    3 Mox Pearl $3.00
    2 Mox Ruby $3.00
    2 Mox Sapphire $5.00
    2 Time Walk $5.00
    1 Timetwister $2.00
    can do 1 full set of P9 at $35

    3 Time Vault $3.00
    4 Library of Alexandria $3.00
    1 Mana Crypt $1.00
    4 Mana Drain $1.00

    Duals, Fetches, smaller cards no additional charge to borrow, just ask to see if I have a specific card(s).

    ***Note, this will be inbetween our 2 Eldritch Moon PreReleases (10am and 3pm) so show them how proper magic is played

  • Can I reserve renting one Mox Emerald? Thanks!

  • @MtgVector said:

    Can I reserve renting one Mox Emerald? Thanks!

    Sure, just email me your name so I can add you to my list, thanks


  • @Krieg Hi. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I finally was able to get my hands on an Emerald, won't need to borrow one, thanks!

  • TMD Supporter

    I like the idea of renting out power. It would be great to be able to play a sanctioned match of Vintage. I hope it goes well for you!

  • Bumping this up. I will be there for this, as will a few friends, and a number of other people who missed the last one. I think we are going to have a good turnout for this, so if you're within driving distance of this, come out and represent!

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