Selfless Spirit

  • 2/1 Flying for 1W is fine but this also has:

    Sacrifice Selfless Spirit: Creatures you control get Indestructible until the end of turn.

    I remembered the times where Oath of Ghouls was a thing. Basically this is a better Dauntless Escort. Better because I find flying and cheaper mana cost more important than the 3/3 body.

  • I mean, yeah, it's better than Dauntless Escort.

    You're thinking of pairing it with Oath of Ghouls to recur it so your board survives anything? Well, I'm with you on the casual side. I have a RWB recurring creature Oath of Ghouls deck that will love this.

    In Vintage....? A one-shot allowing your team to survive removal that is not called Swords to Plowshares seems kinda... terrible.



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