A Good Idea of a New Magic Card

  • Cost: {W}{U}{B}{R}{G}
    Legendary Creature--Human
    P/T 1/1
    Vigilance, Unblockability, Haste, Double Strike, Lifelink
    Invincible (The owner of Creature1 chooses whether any effect (including global effects) would affect Creature1 in any zone)
    When Creature1 enters the battlefield, search your library and graveyard for a card named Equipment1 and put it into your hand.
    Only (There can be only one copy of Creature1 between your main deck and sideboard)
    If you enchant or equip Creature1 with any card besides Equipment1, Creature1 will lose Invincibility for the duration.

    Cost: {W}{U}{B}{R}{G}
    Legendary Artifact—Equipment
    Equip 0
    Equipped creature gets +3/+3
    Invincible (The owner of Equipment1 chooses whether any effects (including global effects) would affect Equipment1 in any zone)
    When Equipment1 enters the battlefield, search your library and graveyard for a card named Creature1 and put it into your hand.
    Only (There can be only one copy of Equipment1 between your main deck and sideboard)

    I can this in a Green and Red shell including cards such as Channel of the Suns, Composite Golem, Crystal Quarry, Joiner Adept, Birds of paradise, etc. With Red, there is Guttural Response, Vexing Shusher, Red Elemental Blast and artifact hate.
    Maybe this cards will have an impact on the Vintage metagame.

  • So after you cast and resolved your two WUBRG cards in Vintage, you get a 5-turn clock. I might not see something here, but it doesn't seem very good :)

  • Complex card, but not a T5 clock. 4/4 + double strike makes it a 2,5 turn clock. Nothing spectacular in vintage, but pretty reasonable.

  • @xouman Forgot about double strike, alright. Still, its most likely use in Vintage is to get pitched to Force. WUBRG is tough.

  • You can have them not be shuffled if you want?

  • oh,can we post original card here?

  • TMD Supporter

    @Saya You can do a lot of things, but maybe you shouldn't. I don't think it's against the rules, but it might not be received well if the boards are flooded with fantasy cards. I've seen someone post one in a thread involving other things, but usually I don't see any card creation forums here.

    Please note that I do not speak for everyone. I'm just guessing and I don't want to offend anyone.

  • @maciek16180 Green Red shell

  • @caleb Yes, I know. I just don't think it's worth it to use costly cards like Channel of the Suns or Composite Golem to get a creature that doesn't even necessarily win the game. There is a myriad of cheap 2-card combos that effectively do that, e.g. Key + Vault, Entomb + Reanimate (not even played in Vintage), Oath + Orchard, Show and Tell + Griselbrand, Mox + Tinker...

  • How is this a good idea again?

  • TMD Supporter

    I would like to get a Snapcaster Mage v2.0 with "as you cast <this creature> target instant or sorcery spell in your graveyard gain flashback (flashback cost = target card cost).

  • While I am fine with people dreaming of their overly complex fantasy cards for the game, I feel like the criteria for said cards to be posted on this board should include:

    • A tag in the subject that specifies it is a fantasy card design
    • It is written in game language that the game uses (what the hell is invincible? I still do not get it.) Unblockability is also not a keyword.
    • It is reasonably balanced against the rest of WOTCs card designs paradigms (this is not) and there are no obvious broken interactions that they would never print.
    • It would actually be playable in vintage as this is a vintage forum.

    Not only are these cards so overly complex that it would never be printed, they would not be playable of their own accord in the format. The creature potentially would see play to break soulflayer, but that is assuming invincible allows that interaction because I have read that ability now 10 times and still do not understand it at all.

  • @JuzamJim didn't do a lot of testing to optimize development

  • Maybe I should have just suggested the Invincible mechanic because that's the core of the two cards and let others develop it🙂

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