7/16 – Team Serious Invitational Results

@mediumsteve said:

Let the record state that there were 8 mentor lists (one was mine) and only one made top 8! What an interesting tournament.

Let the record state that Gush is a pretty difficult card to use effectively while smashed. It was an interesting tournament though and a blast to watch on Twitch.

Man I'm envious of that ceramic eggplant!

I may have won the tournament, but Jimmy really won by taking home the ceramic eggplant.

First ever barefoot Vintage champion?

Updated the lists to include Brian Fisher's second-place pile.

Also, videos are up on YouTube, including #BrassDance.


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@SamuelA Unlikely. I did pretty much run around with no shoes for the whole time I was there, but many of us were in and out of the pool so it did not seem as absurd as it does reflecting back on my decision to wear a top hat and no shoes.

So just throwing this out there, for anyone who was wondering new Thalia is amazing, and makes me want to try a bunch of different builds. If you were on the fence about testing it, definitely move in, the card is bonkers.

dancing brassman is so great.

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