7/23/16 - [Atlanta, GA] - Sanctioned Vintage @ Giga-Bites Cafe

  • Giga-Bites has been hosting a monthly Vintage event for us since earlier this year, and we get a pretty good turnout for a local event. I believe we had 18 last time?

    $10 entry, prizes are mostly bragging rights but some neat foreign and old school stuff. There's usually a few separate prizes for non-powered decks as well.

    Also a legacy event for a Mox Ruby the next morning.

  • @Cambriel why is the mox given as a price in a legacy event, seems counterintuitive to me.

  • it nudges legacy players into vintage is my guess.

  • Because you can't get 70 players for a sanctioned Vintage for $30. Not sure how willing you'd be to give a Mox Ruby away for ~$200-300 as a TO.

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