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    Maybe what should happen is they should reduce the max/min to 8 participants and make it 3 rounds, single elimination. Otherwise, they're not going to fire anymore... Not without help.

    The disappointment over Gush has to be contributing to this. The player base is too small, if 3 people are upset over the state of the format and decide not to play, then the dailies won't fire.

    alt text

    Thanks for trying!

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    @desolutionist said:

    The disappointment over Gush has to be contributing to this. The player base is too small, if 3 people are upset over the state of the format and decide not to play, then the dailies won't fire.

    Restricting Gush, but not fixing the bug is not going to start making dailies regularly fire.

    The bug actually has a negative feedback effect, because it means that people get out of the habit of playing in dailies, etc.

    This was a terrible mistake on Wizards fault, and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

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    we just got 12. It fired!!

    Thank you all who helped make this possible!

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    @desolutionist said:

    we just got 12. It fired!!

    congrats - but that was the result of concerted organizing. It's not reasonable to expect people to do that regularly.

  • The problem is that with WOTC's track record we can only wonder if this will be fixed next week or a couple months from now. I've done what I can: filed a bug report and alerted WOTC on twitter.

    In the future if we can organize people around 2-3 dailies a week I suspect we can get them to fire. My suggestion is to aim for Friday 10pm EST this week to get more P9 testing, and in future weeks 2pm EST Saturday since that should be the most reasonable for European players. If anyone else wants to chime in we can go with whatever is most popular.

    @JACO I agree with the sentiment that there aren't enough people playing vintage for the leagues to have reasonable wait times. Also a correction--the dailies definitely don't take that long. 3 hours is normal IIRC.

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    @Diophan anytime during the weekend is the only good time for me.

  • @JACO i reasonably can do 2-3 dailys/leagues per week. Ending around 11pm would be perfect as well. So a 7pm start time is great but not for the west coast which would be 4pm which you gotta think those players are not home from work until 6-7.

    It seems like a very difficult situation lately for the vintage community on modo :(

  • They changed matchmaking systems for leagues (will be changed after the leagues open later today) but I'm not sure if that will help if there will be let's say 100 vintage players in league. I checked the Legacy league during GP Prague and GP Columbus. There were 150 players in it and the waiting time was often around 28 minutes to 'failed to find an opponent'. How many players do you think there are that actually play Vintage? I see the same people all the time.

    In the legacy league I often run into players I used to encounter while playing Vintage but haven't seen them play Vintage in a while. I'm not sure if it is only because they can play Legacy any time in a 'tournament' or they have some problem with Vintage.

  • I would absolutely play in a league, and hit even more dailies if they fired. I stream every Friday and it is frustrating to have to draft instead of play and promote Vintage.

    I just hope we can see the bug fixed soon and these things can start firing again. At this point Vintage is all I play (except when streaming and the Daily doesn't fire)

    I finally have a Saturday off from judging and plan on losing gloriously in the P9 Challenge. See you all there!

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    I would absolutely play in a vintage league. I used to play the dailies regularly but had to sell my collection at the end of last year. I just recently got back to playing and was deciding between vintage and legacy. I ended up buying into legacy simply because of the league.I'm slowly buying the power cards back so that I can compete in the monthly P9 events.

    Although my problem in not being able to join the dailies (if I had the cards) is the schedule. I have the same issues as those not living in North America.

  • I would play in a Vintage League.

  • but would you all play in the vintage league at the same hour of the day as each other? because leagues only work if the players play time is linked up for it to be able to run the pairing equation.

  • Let's try to repeat what we did on Tuesday. The most popular choice was the Friday 10pm EST daily (tomorrow). Hope to see you there!

    Also this isn't concrete, but it's at least something. I received this email earlier today from WOTC:

    "I've forwarded your screenshot along to the team responsible to begin looking into the issue. I was sad to see confirmation of the lack of Vintage Dailies firing the last ten days, so I will advocate as best I can for a quick solution - once we can identify what the technical issue causing it is in the first place."

  • I will be there for the Friday 10pm EST event! And I'll be streaming it!

  • When I log onto MTGO, I see quite a few dailies listed under the upcoming tournaments along with the P9 challenge.

    I haven't bought into a vintage deck yet, but hopefully I'll be able to in the near future. In which case, I'll be able to make 10 pm EST weekday dailies + weekend ones.

  • I think they should cut the number of vintage dialy events. With less events per week it will be easier to get the events to fire.

    Alternatively the community should pick 2 daily events and try to "promote" those. The 10pm friday one seems like a good pick. But we should also pick on earlier in the day. Maybe one of the early events on Saturday.

  • Well, only 2 people showed up for the daily last night, me & Eggtron. I think it's a great slot & for a while had some of the biggest numbers. Hopefully WotC fixes it soon

  • I think that this is the result of a MODO bug. I don't know how much we can do until Wizards decides to fix this. Wizards, please just fix the code that displays when Daily Events will occur. It worked fine for years, and somehow suddenly broke. The longer this goes on, the less likely we are to recover.

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    For us Europeans the times are really awful. Dailies during weekdays are scheduled for my timezone at 3AM and 4AM. At least during weekend I could theoretically play, summer is just hard...

  • I am down to play in vintage dailies, and I am east coast so I think I am in the sweet spot as far as times. Problem is, while I can play a large range in paper, I have no e-cards and am not interested in spending the cash to buy into MODO when that level of cash can get me paper power.

    If someone has the stuff to make dredge or shops and can loan it, Im down to help fire. I can get you RL references, and if you play in the NE theres a good chance you know me anyways, at least by face.

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