July MTGO Power Nine Challenge

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    The July Power Nine Challenge is this Saturday! Spread the word!

    Here are the details:

    the Power Nine Challenge

    Start Times: The last Saturday of every month, at 11:00 a.m. All times are Pacific (for UTC, add 8 hours)
    Location: Scheduled Events
    Entry Option:

    25 Event Tickets
    250 Play Points
    Product: A Vintage-legal deck
    Size: 33-512 players
    Play Style: Swiss, with Top 8
    Format: Constructed
    Duration: A number of rounds determined by attendance, each round up to 50 minutes.

    Place Prizes QPs
    1st A Vintage Masters Black Lotus, a Vintage Masters Timetwister, a complete premium Battle for Zendikar set, a complete non-premium Battle for Zendikar set, and 500 Play Points 6
    2nd A Vintage Masters Ancestral Recall, a complete non-premium Battle for Zendikar set, and 500 Play Points 5
    3rd A Vintage Masters Mox Sapphire, a Tempest Wasteland, and 300 Play Points 4
    4th A Vintage Masters Mox Ruby, a Vintage Masters Force of Will, and 300 Play Points 4
    5th A Vintage Masters Mox Jet and 250 Play Points 3
    6th A Vintage Masters Mox Pearl and 250 Play Points 3
    7th A Vintage Masters Mox Emerald and 250 Play Points 3
    8th A Vintage Masters Time Walk and 250 Play Points 3
    9th-32nd 250 Play Points 0

    Who's playing??

  • Im not playing Mtgo but i would love to see one of you streaming it! I hope this event will not reflect the daily attendance.

  • @Smmenen said:

    Who's playing??

    I wish! Just got on MTGO, so hopefully next month... I also vote for someone to stream :-)

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    I'm playing this one

  • TMD Supporter

    the last time i streamed this some asswipe playing grixis therapy was ghosting me, each game hit a perfect blind therapy for 2x cards in hand.

    kind of takes the fun out of it all when shit like that happens, I had to hide my hand afterward off screen and at that point, streaming is pretty worthless because no one gets to see anything important

  • @Juggernaut-GO maybe stream with a rather big delay. About 10-15 minutes should ensure that ghosting is not a problem

  • @Evoclipse that kind of defeats the purpose. might as well make it a youtube video

  • Not really, a 10 minute delay allows people to enjoy the event as it happens (those that cannot play). A YT video would only come up at the end of the event after the results are known.

  • @Hrishi i could be wrong here but isnt the point of streaming the event live to be able to interact with the people watching? otherwise you end up with golf commentary. i guess it comes down to what you feel is the important aspect of the stream the even itself or the community interaction.

  • @snowydude I mean, don't get me wrong, it'd be ideal to stream it live. With less than reputable people around, this sadly isn't possible. At least a 5-10 minute delay is the next best thing? It'll be almost like watching a sporting event unfold live, albeit with a 5 minute delay.

    Interaction would be a nice plus, but I'd say streaming a large event is less about interaction and more about televising the event itself.

  • @Hrishi shrug sporting event with a 5 minute delay? planning on running the wire there buddy? im not opposed to muar vintage videos i just wanted to point out the loss of benefits of making it a stream rather than a vod.

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    I'll probably do it anyway, I like being able to answer the questions people have in real time. If someone wants to cheat nothing I can do to stop them honestly. I haven't taken a saturday off since the last p9, I'LL fire up some vintage streaming saturday

  • negating chat interaction by streaming with delay is actually also a good thing for big tournaments in my oppinion. I dont really have a Problem with a streamer getting ideas from the chat while playing a single game or maybe even a daily, but in a event with significant price value on the line i think interacting with the chat boderlines on cheating. A stream delay solves both this and the ghosting Problem.

    It is also way more enjoyable to watch the event live with delay than watching in on youtube. The chat itself are all on the same time and can discuss the plays.

  • no way european ppl we are can attend this :(

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    I'll ask my wife if she's ok with me playing. I'm not optimistic of my chances.

  • I am for sure playing & I will be streaming. If someone wants to ghost to win then that is their Karma. Dirty cheaters.

  • @CwaM Start time is generally OK - think it's 8pm European time. But it's true, by the later rounds of the Swiss, I tend to really struggle to want to keep playing and become pretty error-prone. It's ideal, but it is do-able.

  • @sodoyouwearacape : starting 8pm European time, I guess there is no time for top 8 which is why we play :(

  • This will (hopefully) be the first one of these I will actually be able to play in. 2PM EST correct?

  • PSA: The Power 9 Challenge, like the dailies, does not show up for me under Scheduled Events. For anyone trying to register for the tournament on Saturday, you can join via the Home tab. If it doesn't show up under "Upcoming Tournaments" there after about a minute, restart MODO until it does.

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