@vaughnbros Holy crap look at how diverse those decks look.

@Hrishi Yep... Vintage even right around when Lodestone and Gush hit the scene was still like that. The homogeny those cards caused is pretty crazy.

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That "The Man Show" list looks pretty sweet.

Thanks for the help with the food chain goblins deck, I look forward to being able to run it again. Also, for anyone looking into it, here are the results from the waterbury and dulmen from late 03.

Dragon took a lot of those spots, and with some tuning might just be the best deck in this format. But at the same time there were all kinds of tools to combat it like stp, disenchant, pernicious deed, tsabo's web, coffin purge, hull breach, tormod's crypt, stifle, chain of vapor and rushing river. Now to find a transformational sideboard that sidesteps the majority of those...

I'm working on a shops list. I plan on playing some number of ankh of mishra in the sideboard to stop worldgorger shanagains.

@gkraigher I believe the commonly accepted practice when facing shops was to board out the majority of the wgd combo and board in a bunch of verdant forces. This basically turned it into a regular reanimator deck with creatures tailored to fighting smokestack, tangle wire and non trampling fatties.

I would keep that in mind when making shop sideboards. Recurrable tormod's crypts backed by spheres seems like the best mono brown shops plan.


thanks. I've got both in the board right now.

I don't know if my list is good, but I am very excited to play it. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/classic-mud/

Is there any chance we get a scheduled Classic tournament during eternal weekend. Maybe Sunday for all of us not in the top 8s.

The problems I have with these nostalgia formats like 93/94, Old School, Power 95, Classic etc is that they do not use the old rules and the restricted lists from the time period they are trying to create nostalgia for so playing them is a different experience then playing back then.

I remember they used to hose these player run Flashback tournaments on Magic Workstation and Cockatrice. For example Type I Flashback Nov 94 would use the actual restricted list and rules from Nov 94. Sure some things were too good but they were too good back in Nov 94 too and it recreated the experience for those of us that played for a long time.

This classic format sounds like it should use a restricted list and rules from late 2002 or early 2003.

So far as I can tell the differences in the restricted list for this format and type 1 in late 2003 are:

Earthcraft and Entomb are unrestricted (both cards were restricted so they were banned in what the format that would later become legacy. Also, this affects dragon, as Entomb was used extensively in WGDx)
Doomsday is unrestricted. Would like to see what a spanish inquisition style deck could do. SI being a DD deck with all the black draw 4 spells.
Dream Halls, Enlightened Tutor, Frantic Search, Grim Monolith, Mind Over Matter, Mox Diamond, Voltaic Key, Time Spiral and Crop Rotation are unrestricted.

Shahrazad is restricted.

Outside of Doomsday and Entomb the format will be almost the exact same, with slightly better tuned lists thanks to the internet hivemind. Though I will say that both of those cards deserve a close examination for future restrictions.

@wiley A lot of those cards are much more powerful than I think you may be giving credit. My two decks from that era were turboland and mono blue w/ MoM. While they weren't exactly tier 1 decks, they crushed UR fish, which my play test partner played, and were competitive against the rest of the field.

@vaughnbros So what you are saying is that with these other cards unrestricted a decks that was built to beat insular metagames becomes slightly worse and multiple new decks are added to the competitive roster? That actually sounds good to me.

@wiley You likely have a very powerful Tolarian deck. That's what a number of those cards are restricted because of. I'm not sure if that helps or hurts diversity. My point was simply they were playable as restricted cards at that time as unrestricted cards who knows what they will do.

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So, it's been a while since this thread was active, has anyone dusted off their skeletal scryings or survival of the fittest's and played? I saw Nick D. And Rich Shay play a game at the last Mana Drain Open (aka The Waterbury). I'd love to hear if there is any more interest as this era was (for me) the best.

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