Looking for people to play on Cockatrice

  • As the title says! I just got back into playing after a ~10 year hiatus, so I'm likely to be a bit slow and have forgotten things. Mostly, looking for people to play who are nice, not looking for lightning-speed play, and open to discussing the game/moves played. Also open to playing Legacy and Modern.


  • I play sometimes on cockatrice and my account name is randomnamechosen. I'm not looking to play fast and sometimes test or play bad decks. If you want me to play a real deck just let me know.

  • My nick is SerraAngel4 Life on trice. Im down for any kind of Vintage testing, even if it involves Carrier Pigeons.

  • I am oshkoshhaitsyosh (my old TMD name) on cockatrice! I'm on East cost time. Feel free to add me

  • im famdoola on there, add me if you'd like - eastcoaster as well

  • Khahan on cockatrice. When I'm on its usually 8pm EST or after.

  • Dstinct. Running on EST.

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