Looking for people to play on Cockatrice

My nick is SerraAngel4 Life on trice. Im down for any kind of Vintage testing, even if it involves Carrier Pigeons.

I am oshkoshhaitsyosh (my old TMD name) on cockatrice! I'm on East cost time. Feel free to add me

im famdoola on there, add me if you'd like - eastcoaster as well

Khahan on cockatrice. When I'm on its usually 8pm EST or after.

Dstinct. Running on EST.

Bumping in case any still plays not-on-MTGO like me 🙂

Late to the party but I'm slimvesus on Cockatrice.

What server do people play on cockatrice now? I had been on woogerworks, but stopped playing on cockatrice for a few months. when I came back I had to reinstall and woogerworks is gone. Their web page says they no longer support cockatrice.

@khahan Rooster Ranges if you're in the US. It was built in as an option in Cockatrice when I re-downloaded a few days ago.

Edit: link: https://cockatrice.us/index.php

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I just returned after about a 10 year hiatus from MTG. I'm on as Pizzatog, and only play vintage and EDH.

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