Unpowered Vintage Eldrazi (aka JacoDrazi) - A Double Tourney Report

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    Free on Eternal Central - tales of Sandwich Punch, Vintage group dinners, dominating the dojo with JacoDrazi, and lessons learned:

    I recap my tournament performance at NYSE4 and KnightWare LA Vintage. This serves as a useful introduction to the new (longer) treatise I have released on Building and Playing Vintage Eldrazi. Check it out, maybe share it with a friend, and let me know your thoughts below. Thanks for reading.

  • A bunch of pages into the book and all I can say is "awesome"! This deck(JacoDrazi) has opened up the world of vintage to me. I'm not a huge proxy fan so I've always kind of steered clear of vintage minus unpowered hatebears. This deck is on a different level, I like the play style and am a big fan of tribal decks. Thanks for sharing this with the community

  • @ConBurnMadMan said:


    My sentiment exactly!

  • This is awesome because viable budget decks are very good for paper vintage. Has been a long time since the sligh and suicide black days.

  • @Arianeira I agree. This is by far the cheapest competitive Vintage deck. With card costs spiraling beyond the wildest dreams of WotC, JacoDrazi provides a cheap entry point to non-proxy events, which is much needed. Dredge is now a $2600+ deck (for regular "anti-hate" Dredge package), while Pitch Dredge (Force of Will and Dark Depths transormational sideboard) is closer to $4000+. By contrast, JacoDrazi is about $1000 unproxied (or even as low as <$350 with 15 proxies, as one reader recently pointed out to me).

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