[21st August] -Auckland, New Zealand - NZ Eternal Weekend featuring The Andy Fletcher Vintage Open

  • What: The New Zealand Eternal Weekend featuring The Andy Fletcher Vintage Open

    Where: Eternal Weekend@Hobbymaster Ellerslie, 415 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand
    When: Sunday 21st of August, 11.00 am NZT
    Entry fee: $30 NZD
    Prize support: 1st place gets an English Mana Drain & the title of Andy Fletcher T1 Champion 2016, in addition store credit prizes dependent on attendance.
    Door prize: An Ice Age Starter & a sealed box of Eternal Masters

    In addition:
    On Friday (19th) at 6.30 pm there is an Old School 93/94 tournament - $10 - 1st place FBB Nevinyrral's Disk, and every player gets a FBB card. Beta Red Elemental Blast door prize.
    On Saturday (20th) at 11.00 am there is a Legacy tournament - $25 - 1st place Judge foil Wasteland, store credit prizes for T8 dependent on attendance. Judge foil Shardless Agent and Judge Foil Feldon of the Third Path door prize.
    On Sunday (21st) there also is a Modern tournament, but who cares??? (2.30pm)

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