Meh, I really don't like this kind of design. All the cards revealed so far are probably not good enough but I think it's detrimental in the long run as the potential for it to be broken is quite high. Doesn't seem worthwhile for WotC to take that risk in a supplementary set targeted mostly at the multiplayer crowd.

Based on what we've seen so far I'm going to say Monarch sees very little play in vintage. Its not that the ability is not vintage viable - drawing an extra card every turn is always nice. But look at what we have so far -

  1. 3B for a 1/3.

  2. 1RWB for a 3/3 haste

  3. 3WB 4/4

That's 4 and 5 mana. I can think of a lot of things to do with 4 and 5 mana to just win the game. Outside of a humans deck I don't see anything yet that would justify playing this mechanic. Cost is just as important as effect in Vintage.

@cYnic: WotC simply does not care about the effect the set will have on Vintage. Conspiracy is firewalled from Standard constructed and Standard limited, the two formats that sell packs; if Conspiracy turns out to have a deleterious effect on eternal formats, they will fix it with bans/restrictions.

@Khahan: Does it really have the potential to be broken, though? Monarch is already available at the relatively cheap cost of 1BB (Phyrexian Arena) and is unplayable at that cost. Arena is even better than stealing the crown, actually, since there is no risk of a random blowout to an opponent with evasive creatures.

@evouga Arena can be destroyed, this is persistently in play once it comes up.

Likewise there is no life loss with this, and while that is often not relevant, it is important.

Arena costs 3 to get you cards over time. We have seen in the past cards that cost more can be played if they provide suitable value, and I gotta be honest a 3/3 haste deathtouch that generates tokens if this every gets stolen seems like good value. The only issue with it is the casting cost requirements. If she costs 3U or something we wouldn't even be having this conversations right now, she would just be flat out amazing. So I think there is still potential here.

Well its not a artifact but it doesn't stick in you're hand if you don't have the mana yet.

It looks increasingly definitive that there won't be any way to become the Monarch for less than four mana. Which is a pity, as none of the monarch enablers seem very playable so far -- the land is the closest, maybe in some kind of Landstill list.

It just seems like such a swingy an dangerous mechanic -- against Mentor and Pyromancer swarms, Hangerback Walker tokens, Reality Smasher, etc etc, these cards give your opponent a free Library of Alexandria...

I feel sort of relieved that, as far as we know, there is no Vintage (or Legacy) playable card with Monarch. This new mechanic can be interesting and most probably quite fun in slower format like standard but in competitive eternal format i fear it could change too much the nature of a duel. Even if it is not the same, remember how playing with a howling mine quickened the games back in the days. Whoever is the monarch, drawing more cards just means more potentially décisive effects to be played. For me it sounds like an armageddon clock that would say "hurry up , hurry up, this game is going to be finished very very quick", i don't think we need that in Vintage. The biggest problem i have with it, is that there is no way to remove that embleme once it started. Maybe i am wrong, since i obviously never played any game with Monarch but that is how i feel it.

@albarkhane im feeling relieved as well. The default for getting control of the monarch beeing creature combat doesnt sit well for me at all.
You are forgetting about the best removal in the the history of Magic, that can even get rid of the monarch: Karns Ultimate 😉

I am not unconvinced that Marchesa won't see play in 5cc humans, a deck that is increasingly competitive and has the tools to not only take advantage of the ability but to defend it.

The fact that the common stuff is no good is not a surprise, but a 3/3 haste deathtouch that in effect gives you a card or a token body every turn is not incomparable to other big creatures that deck has played, like Exava.

I'm not sure that Marchesa is the best Monarch enabler. Both white and black got really good removal on a stick that also comes with Monarch-enablers. They're expensive, but 4 mana for a body+monarch+removal is not terrible.

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