7/11 - Magic Online - Vintage mtgo Swiss sponsored by Cardhoarder

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    2017 Season
    Hosted by: No_Outs @ mtgo

    This recurring tournament is a player run event that aims to provide an alternative to the typical structure of official Vintage events on mtgo. There will be a number of rounds based on attendance, 3 @ less than or eight players, 4 @ nine to sixteen players, and 5 @ seventeen to thirty-two players.

    Time -->
    Upcoming events are as follow:

    Tuesday (7/11) - 7:30pm EST

    Tuesday (7/18) - 7:30pm EST

    Tuesday (7/25) - 7:30pm EST

    Tuesday (8/1) - 7:30pm EST

    Location -->
    Games will be played in the mtgo Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious room. Pairings will be handled through gatherling.com

    Register via gatherling.com, see the bottom of this post for more detailed registration information. Click the "CHAT /" tab --> "Join/New Chat Session...", and type #vintageswiss in the text field. Click the button to the right to enter the room. Any issues, message the tournament organizer for assistance. Players are asked to have this room open, as pairings and other announcements will be made here.

    When registering, please submit a copy of your deck list on gatherling.com for later publication, they will not be viewed prior to the conclusion of the event.

    Cost -->
    This is a free event, with no stakes or cost of any kind to play. After the final round has been played, the top placing players will be awarded credit from the event sponsor via the following scheme. (Cardhoarder has generously agreed to sponsor Vintage mtgo Swiss biweekly.)

    1st - 5.00 credit @ cardhoarder.com

    2nd - 5.00 credit @ cardhoarder.com

    3rd - 4.00 credit @ cardhoarder.com

    4th - 4.00 credit @ cardhoarder.com

    budget friendly and not placing in the top three
    (decks not containing tradition power nine, Wasteland, Bazaar of Baghdad, and/or Mishra's Workshop...)

    1st - 2.00 credit @ cardhoarder.com

    ties are broken via standard tie breakers // intentional draws not allowed

    Information -->

    Your deck must remain consistent between all rounds.

    Games must be set as Vintage, 25 minutes, watchable, best 2 of 3.

    First paired player creates game table. Ten minutes are provided to allow time to create and join games. Please message the tournament organizer if you're having trouble starting your game.

    Kibitzing other players matches is not allowed.

    Results should be reported in the vintageswiss room on mtgo.

    Suggestions for improvement warmly welcomed.

    Our next event is quickly approaching on Tuesday (7/11) - 7:30pm EST. If you intend to participate, please create an account at gatherling.com and register for Vintage MTGO Swiss 6.38. So that the event can start in a timely manner, registration closes 30 minuets prior to the start of play.

    Players without a legal deck list registered at gatherling.com will be dropped before the start of the first round of play.

    Players not present on mtgo at the starting time of the event will be dropped before the start of the first round of play.

    Please be present in the vintageswiss room on mtgo, however I will also make an attempt to contact you on the client privately to make certain you are not experiencing technical difficulties.

    In the event you don't understand any of the instructions for registration, or have any other issues or questions, don't hesitate to contact me via PM, or message No_Outs @ mtgo.

  • Great event, always fun to play, friendly environment, some good opponents. Props No Outs!

  • I'm writing to remind everyone of the upcoming Quarter 1 Championship Event for the Vintage MTGO Swiss series, sponsored by Cardhoarder. This event will be open to the top sixteen players from season 2 which is now completed. These players are as follow:

    1st - Kasparadi - 74 points
    2nd - the_unseen - 66 points
    3rd - BlackLotusT1 - 61 points
    4th - thejacob - 61 points
    5th - mikedevoe - 56 points
    6th - Garlan - 55 points
    7th - csrrcr - 42 points
    8th - wolftree - 38 points
    9th - MrJolly - 32 points
    10th - DrKarr - 32 points
    11th - Golden_Lin - 22 points
    12th - seaandrhythm - 18 points
    13th - gumgod - 17 points
    14th - olioolli - 17 points
    15th - pkengen25 - 15 points
    16th - wappla - 12 points

    The format for this event will be 4 rounds of swiss rounds followed by a cut to top 4. After the first two players are eliminated those players will then be paired in a additional match to decide 3rd and 4th.

    Prizes for this Quarterly Championship Event are as follow:

    1st - 15.00 credit @ cardhoarder.com + qualification (Year End Championship Finals)

    2nd - 10.00 credit @ cardhoarder.com + qualification (Year End Championship Finals)

    3rd - 5.00 credit @ cardhoarder.com + qualification (Year End Championship Finals)

    4th - qualification (Year End Championship Finals)

    The date for the Quarter 1 Championship Event is:

    Saturday (4/9) - 12:30pm EST

    Our goal is to accommodate the largest number of qualified players possible with the scheduling of this event. If you are qualified, but not able to play at this time, you may save your invitation for a future Quarterly Championship Event that you're not otherwise qualified for.

    Weekly events start soon for Quarter 2, and will begin a fresh points race on the new leaderboard. Upcoming weekly events are scheduled for:

    Sunday (4/3) - 11:00am EST

    Tuesday (4/5) - 8:30pm EST

    Sunday (4/10) - 11:00am EST

    Tuesday (4/12) - 8:30pm EST

    Good luck to all playing in the Quarterly Championship Event, and thanks to all of our players for their continued support!

  • Due to low attendance caused by pre-release weekend the event on Sunday (4/3) - 11:00am EST is canceled. The series will resume normally with the first event of Quarter 2 on Tuesday (4/5) - 8:30pm EST, and the Quarter 1 Championship Event on Saturday (4/9) - 12:30pm EST.

  • At last tournament I won 2-0 against theJacob in the last round. But gatherling says I've lost 0-2. I'm sure I entered result correctly. I won 2-0 and then went offline cause I'm usually at hurry at tuesdays.

  • @Kasparadi Your opponent did not report, and the result entered from you displayed loss 0-2. I'll get it corrected for you this evening. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Tournament information has been updated. If you'd like to participate, but aren't sure how, don't hesitate to post here, and I will get back to you ASAP. Would be great to see some new faces tonight!

  • I would be interested in participating, but am not sure about the timing or structure exactly.

  • TMD Supporter

    This is beyond awesome @No_Outs, and a huge thanks to Cardhoarder for sponsoring! I plan to play in this tonight if I can get home to register in time.

  • @Archae These events run twice a week on MTGO, Tuesday's @ 8:30pm EST and Sunday's @ 11:00am EST. Structure is swiss rounds based on attendance, usually 4, so the event takes roughly 3 - 3.5 hours.

    @aardshark Awesome, look forward to seeing you there! Please note you can show up late, and register by asking in #vintageswiss on MTGO, or pm No_Outs. You will however not score match points for missed rounds.

  • TMD Supporter

    I'm registered, but I can't figure out how to load my decklist!

  • TMD Supporter

    How do I register my decklist? am I too late?

  • ^ Picked up via PM.

  • Tonight's event starts in ~1 hour, 8:30pm EST Tuesday 4/26! Drop by and join us this evening, if you don't have time to play you're still welcome to watch some of the matches in progress.

    As always, events are free to play, and offer prizes to top finishing competitors.

  • I put up replays of my games from last week's Vintage Swiss event if anyone is interested in that sort of thing.

    Link to the playlist on YouTube.

  • Congrats to cgomes for winning the Tournament with a Welder Control deck. Nice games!

  • @Gumgod : I watched your replays on YouTube. I like your Vintage Affinity deck, it is very potent.

    I now wish I had access to blue mana, because if I did I would use the card ENERGY FLUX against you.

  • @Michelle_Wong said:

    @Gumgod : I watched your replays on YouTube. I like your Vintage Affinity deck, it is very potent.

    I now wish I had access to blue mana, because if I did I would use the card ENERGY FLUX against you.

    I enjoy playing it, but it can be a bit of a glass cannon. Pernicious Deed has definitely blown me out before, and Energy Flux and Kataki both hurt.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Tournament info updated, join us tonight and test out your Vintage deck for free. You can win great prizes in the process!

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