{ATL ATL ATL] 3 Sanctioned Vintage Events October 7-9

  • Star City Games has heard the requests for Vintage side events. If you are in anyway considering heading to Grand Prix Atlanta, try your best to make it! Show them that it's worth scheduling these events and let's make sure they fire with a respectable number of players. Atlanta has an easy to use airport and direct train access to the event site. Plenty of amazing places to eat and homeless people to berate in the down and midtown area.

    These events are sanctioned, all start at 1pm each day.

    1pm - Friday October 7th - This is also a Grand Prix Trial for the mean event which is sealed. Win a sealed bye using Yawgmoth's Will!
    1pm - Saturday and Sunday

    All events are $20

    Artist alley is also released and it's amazing!

    Dan Frazier
    Jesper Myrfors
    Doug Shuler are the headliners!!!

    More details can be found here.


    Any questions about where to stay in Atlanta or if I can do anything to help you make these events let me know!

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