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  • @MaximumCDawg said:

    It can be built up over several turns to win, which is kinda hard to do outside of Zuran Orb + Crucible shenanigans, or you can storm out with SLIGHTLY more storm count than Tendrils to win that turn.

    1 spell = 1 life
    2 spells = 3 life
    3 spells = 6 life
    4 spells = 10 life
    5 spells = 15 life
    6 spells = 21 life
    7 spells = 28 life
    8 spells = 36 life
    9 spells = 45 life
    10 spells = 55 life

    Unless someone is pressuring your life total, 5-7 spells is enough as you gain the cumulative life on each spell. Starting on 15 life, you can "storm" 6 cards for 56 life and be on 71 without any of those cards actually gaining you life. You can also go off on multiple turns to get there but it's a bit harder though you're still only using the single source as a kill instead of a second copy of tendrils or a YWill/regrowth to reuse the first copy. Having multiples in play is obviously better.

    Now you just have to protect it.

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