Favorite Basic Lands

  • Was in love with Unglued when they were printed, but since playing 93/94 I really grew fond of Alpha Basics. The colors, borders and artworks have something magical - but I'm not quite sure if they fit applications other than Oldschool and Vintage.
    For newer formats, I'd prefer Zendikar Full art or still Unglued :)

  • Thanks to @iamfishman I'll be converting to Unlimited soon, but I currently take the following "looking crisp in my white tee" approach to mana:


  • This post is deleted!

  • Ice Age lands... Brings back memories. There's also something kind of depressing about them, dunno what it is.

    alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

  • @Dumpsterac1d yeah i really like Ice Age as well, especially the swamp.

    @mickey-nobilis i like the artwork of the forest you have posted. Very unique! I am not a big fan of white boarderd lands if i can avoid them though.

    @thecravenone wow those plains! I totally forgot about those, i think i might have one of them lying around in a box somewhere. That is probably the coolest plains artwork i have ever seen. I remembered the swamp catching my eye as well, the artwork is really unique, i like the symmetry. I would probably consider playing those if they where available in the old border. The forest artwork is one of my favorites as well.

    @The-Atog-Lord That is a fine selection. I especially like the Uluru Plains and the japanese inspired Swamp and Island.

    @5space i didnt even now about the panorama plains! cool stuff. The Urza's Saga island is one my favorites for a long time as well. I always like eerie and silent looking swamps.

  • People shit on new art a lot but the basics from Kaladesh are pretty great. [Link]

    A couple of my favorites:

  • i feel lik that plains has tabernacle way off in the distance. @thecravenone

  • The APAC Japan Island is definitely super sweet. Not a big fan of the swamp though. A lot of people seem to dig it but to me it just doesn't look very swampy.

  • @snowydude said:

    i feel lik that plains has tabernacle way off in the distance. @thecravenone

    seems like a great proxy, then.

  • don't foget guru island and APAC land 2 (VENICE)...
    i don't manage to link the jpg sorry.

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