collective brutality in storm
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there isnt some madness ancestral or smthing out there that draws cards when i discard is there?

If there was people would be using Wild Mongrel.

That being said you can do a lot with this card provided you can find use for 2 of its modes plus the discard, and finding a use for 2 modes usually means being ok with with draining for 2.

Bloodghast is the best bet because the drain for 2 means you need them at 12 life to give it haste as opposed to 10.

Reanimator has already been mentioned.

Flashback spells are a possibility, provided you have one you want to play. Ancient Grudge is the only one that feels like it comes up enough.

Squee? People forgot about Squee. Squee is insanely good in the right decks, just sayin.

@Protoaddct said:

Reainmator has not been a thing in Vintage for some time because of dredge, but if it ever did come back I could imagine this being a part of it. Storm however you need your spells to be a cost efficient as possible, and duress is better for that reason.

Vintage (nondredge) Reanimator is Dragon and Collective Brutality is great in it as a discard outlet, protection/disruption, and an alternative win condition with Tasigur in the event Ancestral gets exiled. It was a "thing" last year at Champs when I won a Mox Ruby with it and JR Goldberg top 8'd the 100+ Vintage Prelim. Dig getting restricted hurt the deck and it was better against LSG Shops than TKS shops (the discard is more relevant than the additional Sphere effect - once you get Dragon in the graveyard, you only need to resolve a 2 mana enchantment to generate infinite mana). Just in case anyone is curious and/or wants to take up the mantle 🙂

@ChubbyRain oh this seems really cool in Worldgorgor actually.

after testing it this weekend i have come to conclusion that no. its not worth including in the Dark petition storm deck over a duress or a pyroclasm.

due to my 4 rounds of opponents mullagining to 5 quite a bit this data may not be accurate.

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