[9/18] [PA] Black Magic Vintage 1k at Tales of Adventure

  • when: Sept 18th. 12pm start time

    where: Tales of Adventure
    201 S. 3rd St.
    Coopersburg, PA 18063

    why: Bc MOAR VINTAGE!!!! The Reception event for Will and Sam Dayton. This is the day after they marry so we are all welcomed to celebrate with them by jamming Vintage!!!
    Please dress in business casual if you can. Or a BMG Tshirt and slacks or whatever. Basically try to look nice somehow if you can. Pictures will be taken. Feel free to bring food of any kind or cake or tacos/pizza. this isn't just a normal $1k. We're celebrating the nuptuals of two of our own ♥

    Edit: This is now also an EE5 Satellite event!!!! Winner gets a rd1 bye and paid entry into EE5's Vintage $10K on Oct 15!!!!!

    Entry: $30.

    Proxies: 10 total allowed.

    payout: $1k credit minimum.

    1: 400
    2: 200
    3-4: 100
    5-8: 50

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