[KLD] Snare Thopter

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    An upgrade to Slash Panther because it gets around Moat and token armies. Reasonable Planeswalker removal.

  • Is it though?

    I think there are a number of walkers this just won't kill because they are going to come down and activate and be above 3 loyalty. It's a clock that does skirt Moat but it is also way more situational so I don't see it getting adopted as rapidly, and considering the list also has the option of Fleetwheel Cruiser which also dodges oath and some removal, I'm not sure this is enough to make a dent, and that would be assuming Panther saw a bunch of play (It does not.)

  • people realize Jace, Vryn's Prodigy is already really really really good in this format, right?

    Moat is never a reason to play anything unless you yourself are playing Moat

  • I've long wanted a flying creature that can matchup to trygon predator, without any outside assistance.

  • I have no doubt your desire for something to match Trygon Predator is very old.

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