10/15/16 - Baltimore, MD - Eternal Extravaganza 5 Vintage 10k

Tales of Adventure is getting very close to hitting triple digits with our Legacy event preregistration at Eternal Extravaganza 5, and that means that we're very close to our Time Walk giveaway!

It's not too late to get in on the action yourself, as we still have both the Time Walk and later an Ancestral Recall to award as prizes to preregistered players!

By preregistering for #EE5mtg's #LegacyMTG event on Sunday, October 16, you can win fabulous prizes before the weekend even begins:

  • When the 50th player preregistered for the Legacy event at EE5, it guaranteed that Tales of Adventure will give away 1 FREE Timetwister to a lucky preregistrant at EE5!
  • When the 100th player preregisters for the Legacy event at EE5, Tales of Adventure will give away 1 FREE Time Walk!
  • When the 334th player preregisters for the Legacy event at EE5 - our attendance for EE4 - Tales of Adventure will give away 1 FREE Ancestral Recall!

If you preregister now, you still have a chance at both the Time Walk and Ancestral Recall drawings just for signing up! So visit today to be a part of Eternal Extravaganza!


The Baltimore Marathon is taking place Saturday, Oct 15, from 10am-2pm. This will cause travel delays and will make getting to the venue for both the #EE5mtg Vintage event and #SCGRegionals take more difficult.

For ease of travel, Tales of Adventure suggests planning accordingly by arriving at least 30 minutes in advance, and taking the Metro light rail to University Center/Baltimore St., which is only two blocks from the Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-Inner Harbor venue.

For more information on the marathon and which roads are closed, click the following link: http://www.thebaltimoremarathon.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Traffic-Closures-BRF16.pdf

@EEMagic With 0 prior knowledge of Baltimore geography, and my plan to treck down from Long Island in the early AM on Sat, this is sort of concerning for me. I read and re-read the posted road closing schedule and it does not look like there would be any direct impact in the route to get to the hotel from I95 (directions from google below...) I am slightly concerned about the parking situation, is there parking available at the Raddsion for folks without a room? My plan is to come, play and leave but it sounds like much of the surrounding streets will be blocked/have their parking removed. Just want to confirm there will not be any issues parking since I am committing to 8+ hrs of round trip, same day driving.

Take W Pratt St and S Charles St to W Fayette St
5 min (0.7 mi)

Continue onto S Howard St
0.2 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto W Pratt St
0.2 mi

Turn left onto S Charles St
0.3 mi

Turn left onto W Fayette St
459 ft
Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-Inner Harbor
101 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

@p3temangus Not 100% sure about people not staying at the hotel but when I booked my room the Radisson told me they only have valet parking available. Even for people with a room its $35 a day so I would hazard a guess that if you are willing to pay the $35 parking is available. Just a guess though.

@p3temangus Hi Pete! We do apologize for this headache, and would like to help out as best we can.

As far as I am aware, there is parking for Radisson Hotel patrons, and they have a large underground parking garage directly next to the hotel. Additionally, there are lots of parking garages of varying types right in Downtown, from the Baltimore Aquarium to the Harbor district and various stadiums. As the Baltimore Marathon is the 7th largest in the US and many of those taking part may also be competing for those spaces, this option is at your own risk.

Another option worth considering is to park at one of the many hotels near the Maryland Live! casino, located about a ten to fifteen minute drive from the venue. From there, a relatively cheap Uber or Lyft should be able to drop you very close to the site. This allows for free parking at a hotel, such as Hampton Inn, Springhill Suites, or The Hotel, and a relatively cheap ride downtown.

Eternal Extravaganza 5 begins TOMORROW in Baltimore, MD! Vintage and Standard on Saturday, Legacy on Sunday, and live coverage all weekend!

$35,000 in cash and prizes across the three events, including TWO sets of Power 9, 40 Dual Lands, and 40 Fetchlands!

It's not too late to make plans to join Tales of Adventure for the must-play Magic event of the season!

Preregistration is still open for all three events! By preregistering for the Legacy $20,000 event on Sunday, you earn a chance at an Unlimited Ancestral Recall as a prize just for entering early!

And keep in mind that if you cannot come to #EE5mtg, you can still be a part of the action by watching LIVE at Twitch.tv/TalesofAdventure, with Reuben Bresler & Kevin Jones!

Visit EEMagic.com for more info.

See you this weekend for Eternal Extravaganza 5!

Anybody have any reports on the meta or the top 8?

@joshuabrooks 90% of the matchups on camera seemed to be either Jeskei Delver, Jeskei Mentor, or Workshops.

BK was doing well on his random oath brew,

@joshuabrooks Yes. Will have top 8 lists and metagame report up tomorrow. Briefly

1st - Joe Brennan - Jeskai JVP Mentor
2nd - Zohar Bhagat - Jeskai Nahiri Control
3rd - Brad Gurkin - Blue Moon with 1 New Chandra
4th - Brian Kelly - Nakamura Oath with Gush and Dragonlord
5th - Shawn French - UW Landstill with Spell Queller
6th - Ross Prajnzer - UWRb Mentor with Thief
7th - Cesari, Paulo - Jeskai Mentor
8th - Dijohn, Nicholas - Car Shops ("Grab life by the wheel")
4-3 (1 scoop due to turns) - Matt Murray - Saheeli Oath

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