4/23 - Lynbrook NY, A Store of Fire and Dice Lotus event!

  • A Store of Fire and Dice wants to start off the Spring right by presenting our April Black Lotus event!

    What: Vintage, $100 buy in, 20 proxies!
    When: April 23rd, 11am registration, 12pm start.
    Where: A Store of Fire and Dice, 486 Merrick Road, Lynbrook NY, 11563. (516) 812 5099

    Prize Structure: At 30 players the Lotus is guaranteed to first! Every entree over 30 will add to top 8 or top 16 prize pool. A credit option will be available if the victor does not want the Lotus. The Facebook link below directs you to the event page with pictures of the Lotus and other potential prizes.


    NB: I'm not the official TO for this event, I'm just posting this for a friend. Please contact Jesse De Marco at (516) 812 5099 with any questions.

  • Making the trip for this.

  • An actual Vintage tourny for a Lotus? What is this, 2002? I'm certainly going to have to consider driving down from Boston to attend. If anyone from around here wants to carpool, let me know!

  • NO SPLITS!! Hopefully we get a great turnout for this event.

  • Official TO account for this event. Please direct any questions to our Facebook!

  • In it to win it!

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