Anyone watch BoM vintage this past weekend?

  • Hey everyone,

    Guess I missed the coverage this past weekend. Did anyone see a live stream or know where I can find it archived?

    I am curious regarding the results.


  • @celticgriffon You had to be there to see it. There was no broadcasting or coverage in any form.

    And I don't think there was any Vintage played.

  • Thanks for the info varal. No wonder there were no postings and a lack of buzz about the event on TMD. I thought I had missed the boat.

  • No vintage...sealed instead...BoM is dead

  • BoM Vintage was only in Annecy, no more Vintage in Paris and in the other cities.

  • Wow. I had no clue. I was just looking for results a while ago. Sad.

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