10/16/16 Unlimited Proxy Vintage-Livonia Michigan-RIW Hobbies (BBQ Side Event!)

  • [link text]https://www.facebook.com/events/1786050038308097/(link url)

    Entry Fee: $10
    Swiss Rounds Based on Attendance.
    Prize support is double the entry fees collected paid in store credit to top finishers (Last month we had 14 players, $280 store credit distributed to top 8)
    Store opens at Noon. Tournament begins at 1pm (or more like 1:10pm when Marcel decides to show up)

    But thats not all!

    This time around, we will be grilling food and celebrating our awesome Vintage community in addition to playing Magic's greatest format. Want something special? Feel free to bring it, we will be happy to throw it on the grill.

    Since we run these events as unlimited proxy, you dont even need to hunt down the cards. We just ask that proxies are easy to identify for your opponent, preferrably a printed slip in front of a basic land, but alters and handwritten proxies with all relevant text are acceptable too. As long as they are not distinguishable from other cards in your deck, we are pretty liberal about it.

    This is possibly the last event for many of us before the upcoming Eternal Weekend, so its a great time to get out and give your deck a run before Vintage Champs. But even if you are not attending the largest Vintage Event of the year, there is no reason to miss out on this, which is possibly the best vintage event of the year.

    Seriously, we run a great tournament. And this one will be better than normal. Trust me, I am a professional.

  • @mdkubiak here is the next one!

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