Ovinogeddon XI Vintage Main Event Results!

  • Hey all! Minniehajj here to bring you results from across the pond! Ovinogeddon XI happened today and the results are in with a few interesting looking decks!
    Here's the link to the decklists:

  • Wow, that Spirit deck brings back memories of Spiketail Hatchling :) Really cool to see an unpowered player that far up in a field of broken plays.

  • As it turned out relegating it on Saturday concurrent with Legacy produced a mere 32 player event.
    He's a dedicated unpowered hatebears player. Nowadays at Vintage tournaments in Italy if you're experienced you can show up with almost any deck and be a contender.

  • @Log I feel like that says BAD things about the current state of afaiirs for Italian Vintage.

  • It'd require a more thorough explanation, I'll just say that that we hardly have a state at the moment.
    For example so far I'd probably be the only one attending Eternal Weekend Europe.

  • 2 dig through time ... ?

  • Likely a typo, even the final top 8 standings are mixed up, a sign of how much the TO actually cared about Vintage in the end.

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