Grixis Painter for champs Discussion


WHich Jace are you referring too? Mind Sculptor or JVP?

In the slot, I'd look at main boarding a flusterstorm, murderous cut, toxic deluge, or snuff out. Maybe even a few other things that I'm not thinking about. It depends on if you are expecting more creatures, or more blue match-ups. If you're expecting blue match-ups, I'd throw in more counters. If you expect to see creatures, I'd bring in more kind of removal.

Did you try my updated list as much as you could?

@mdkubiak Only played a few games against with it so far but def enjoying jace the mindsculptor and 1 jvp


I love Painter. It brings so many unique angles. And who doesn't like a single costed vindicate at instant speed? 🙂

Jace the Mind Sculptor can absolutely wreck face. He's such a boss. But I don't know what to trim. I've contemplated trimming Daretti down to one, but I'm not sure that is the right move in the current meta. Hence why Grixis can make you pull your hair out. 🙂

@mdkubiak I have no idea how i'm gonna fit Daretti in when he arrives but at least I got a month or 2 to think it over


Just toy with the list, try some things out. Maybe for how you want to build your list, you want it to play differently. Try it with paradoxial outcome and let me know how that plays. 🙂

@bleedth3sky Also feel free to keep me in the loop on how you doing. I'd love to hear from Painter players about how their tournaments are going and what they like and don't like, matchups and everything.

@peterflugzeug Forgot to ask you. How do you feel about transmute artifact in the deck, over, say Vampiric Tutor? I know vampiric tutor can be a more catch all answer, but transmute does help you win faster.

@mdkubiak I sold my transmits as vamp tutor can get stuff like boardwipes or dack. It's just more flexible imo but there probably is down to personal choice and playstyle.

Oh for sure, there are moments that it's better. Possibly more often. Vampiric is one mana cheaper, allows you to get any card. However, transmute is blue (always a benefit in a FoW deck), can't be hit by mental misstep, and doesn't cost you life.

It's hard to say what I'd prefer to get. Both can be incredibably useful. Haha maybe I just overthink this.

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