4/10 - Denton, TX - April Vintage at Madness Comics and Games

  • Madness Comics and Games will host a Proxy Vintage Tournament on April 10th
    2317 W University Dr, Ste 185, Denton, Texas 76201

    Entry is $20 with $24 in store credit into the prize pool for each player.

    Guranteed payout of $144/$72/$36/$36

    We will use MTR appendix E for number of rounds/cut (same as for GPT or PPTQ)

    In addition we will be offering prizes for best proxies/proxy deck.

    Acceptable proxy methods:

    1. Take a basic land card and write the oracle text of the card on it with a fine tip marker. Ball point pens are unacceptable.
    2. Take a card that shares some of the characteristics with the card that is being proxied and erase any characteristics that do not match, replacing them with the correct characteristics.
    3. Printing out all 75 cards and putting the print out inside a sleeve with a Magic card.

    Disclaimer: I am not the TO for this event, I'll just be trying to win it.

  • This is a very fun event and quite chill. I've payed two of them, hope anyone close can make the drive:)

  • I'll be there!

  • We are less than one week away and will now be one of the first events to run with the new B&R Update. Did Wizards destroy the format, or are the reports of Shops' death greatly exaggerated? I can't wait to find out!

  • I'm excited. I just have to figure out what deck I'm going to be shuffling up. I have 4 possible contenders right now. :(

  • We had a great turnout today, with 25 players competing, some driving 3 hours to join us. Top 8 consisted of:

    1. Dark Petition Storm - Evart Moughon
    2. Mentor/Pyromancer - Joe Kull
    3. Oath - Tom Andrews (Myself)
    4. Landstill - David Carroll
    5. Mentor/Pyromancer - Alex Kibner
    6. Painter - Mike Ames
    7. Infect - Greggory Allen
    8. LabMan Oath - Russell Cooper

    Top 8 competitors played to Top 4 and split. Top 4 was Storm, Mentor, Oath, and Landstill.

    Decklists to come, and we're hoping to make this a quarterly event, with our next one being the weekend of the Eldritch Moon release.

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