2016-12-17 - Groningen, Netherlands - unofficial Dutch Vintage Champs

  • Eternal Groningen reinvigorates the unofficial Dutch Vintage Championship! In the past year and a half we’ve built a small, friendly, competitive Vintage scene in the North. We’re very excited to be hosting the Dutch Vintage Champs. Come join us on Saturday, December 17th!

    Location: Proeflokaal Hooghoudt, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 61, 9711 HC Groningen, Netherlands
    Date: December 17, 2016
    Doors open 11:00 AM
    Event begins 11:30 AM
    Entry: €25
    REL: Competitive

    The prize payout is TBA, but we will have appropriate prizes for the stature of the event!

    More information (in Dutch)

    Up to 15 proxies playtest cards are allowed. Proxies must be clear as to what they represent and may not provide any unfair advantage. Be considerate of other players.

  • What would be the closest airport?


  • Eelde. But there are not many flights there.
    Schiphol, Amsterdam is easiest.

  • Sneak preview of the prize support: If at least twelve players compete, the winner will take home a Mana Drain!

    Mana Drain

    In order to plan things like judge staff, prizes, I’d like to ask everyone who’s thinking about coming to either leave a message in this thread, send me a DM or email, like the Facebook event, etc. No binding registration or anything, just to get a feel for the number of people we can expect. Thanks!

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