You board out serum powders in every other matchup but the mirror??

@gkraigher Against anything other than the mirror and combo, yes. It's a terrible top deck, and I'm not mulliganing that much.

Do not cut powders. You need every rebuy on mulligans you can get because bazaar and sideboard cards are that important in the matchup. I've never cut Bridges/narcs/stinkweed/troll/bazaar/powder. That's the bare minimum the deck needs to function properly

Noard out misstep. Board out therapies, Board out maybe a few lands as most lists need them postboard against shops but you'll only need 1 rainbow to cast wispmare/CoV/Nature's claim. Board out ichorids.

Postboard becomes a race to Elesh norn most games.

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Cabal therapy acts as removal for bridge from below, while stripping castable creatures from your opponent's hand. Seems good in the mirror

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@gkraigher Castable creatures aren't a thing. Therapy is just a worse wispmare with mana available, as you get tokens and remove theirs and hits leyline. It's not so bad that I cut them first (removing bridges is a big deal for sure) but usually I have enough to bring in that they get cut anyway.

Dredge AT MOST affords either Maindeck or Sideboard Leylines, because the entirety of their Sideboard must answer anti-dredge cards.

That said, if I win game 1 AND don't see leylines, I would be hardpressed to sideboard ANYTHING in game 2.

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