[COM2016] Vial Smasher the Fierce

I will enjoy the random determination of rolling a die each turn in 1-1 matches. "One through six it does damage to you?"

@MaximumCDawg Valid points, except that Mentor doesn't win in a vacuum, either. Mentor is clearly better, that card could profit from its prevalence, though. Not affected by effects like Moat or Propaganda. To be fair, I overlooked the once per turn clause, makes it less explosive.

@MaximumCDawg said:

@Protoaddct It's a two card combo for ten damage that costs 1BR and two mountains. Compared to a Bolt, you're paying 1B for three damage, situationally.

Yea but in a deck like burn (at least in legacy) card economy is a real factor for a deck that has basically no draw options. It does not matter if it is less mana efficient because it does more damage for less cards, and the sacing 2 mountains is irrelevant if you just won on the spot. Hell thats sorta why blast is relevant in the first place. I mean look at it like this:

Turn 1 Mountain Bolt
Turn 2 Mountain Bolt bolt
Turn 3 Mountain Bolt Bolt Bolt

That is 9 cards for 18 damage, which means on the play you have to draw perfectly and they have to crack 2 fetches. Now look at this way

Turn 1 Mountain Bolt
Turn 2 Mountain Bolt bolt
Turn 3 Fetch badlands, Vial smasher
Turn 3.5 Upkeep Fireblast

That is 8 cards for 19 damage with a body on the field. It requires less cards, the same basic draw. I'm not saying its necessarily going to see play, but it does more, costs less, and leaves you in a better spot if they live. I think the same principal applies in vintage for sure, its just not as magnified in prominence because of the meta vintage has, but I think the other benefits Smasher has (untargeted, the number of pitch spells, etc) means its something to consider.

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