[1-7/8-2016] - [The Bearded Dragon Games] - [Vintage Weekend Vintage $1k & Revised Booster Draft]

  • We’re kicking it Old School! It’s time to go back to the roots of Richard Garfield's CCG creation! We’re bringing a slice of GP Louisville Eternal fun right here to The Bearded Dragon Games with our two part Old School ’94 Vintage Weekend, featuring both a Vintage $1k AND Revised Booster Draft! Revised Booster Packs will be available for sale at the price of $75 per Booster Pack!

    Part 2 of our Old School '94 Vintage Weekend can be found here! (Revised Booster Draft)

    Prize Structure:
    1st - $125, (In Store Credit), Eternal Masters Booster Box, TBD Brand Shirt, 100 EE Points
    2nd - $200 (In Store Credit), TBD Brand Shirt, 50 EE Points
    3rd-4th - $100 (In Store Credit), 25 EE Points
    5th-8th - $50 (In Store Credit), 10 EE Po

    15 Proxy Cards Are Allowed In Total!

    Saturday • January 7th • 2017

    Registration: 11:00 AM

    Start Time: 1:00 PM (Players who arrive/register after 1:00 PM will receive a Round 1 Loss)

    Entry Fee:
    Onsite Registration Fee: $35 (Preregister & Save $5!)

    REL: Competitive • Decklists Required!

    Preregistration -
    Don’t forget to preregister and RSVP on Facebook! To preregister please send your full name and DCI # to info@thebeardeddragongames.com OR message The Bearded Dragon Games right here on Facebook OR call 908-502-5112.

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