11/25 - Vintage FNM at ASOFAD!

  • Come join us at A Store of Fire and Dice on Friday, November 25th for our first monthly Vintage FNM!

    When: Friday, November 25th. 7:00 PM sign up, 7:30 PM start.
    Where: A Store of Fire and Dice, 486 Merrick Road, Lynbrook NY, 11580. 516 812 5099.
    Entry Fee: $15.
    Format: Constructed Vintage.

    • Swiss rounds
    • Credit payout based on record
    • 20 proxies*

    Proxies: We decided to push the proxy limit from the standard 10-15 to encourage more players to get into Vintage. In doing this we expect you to take pride in your proxies! For example, simply scribbling "Force of Will" on a red Innistrade common is unacceptable. Be sure to make your proxies well so opponents can easily identify the intended card.

    See you on the 25th! If you're running late please call!


    NB: I'm not the TO for this event, I'm just posting this for a friend. If you have any questions please contact Jesse over at ASOFAD.

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