Trying out the new site

  • I'm on my phone trying out the new site. So far it reminds me of an apple or Nintendo product; simple with big buttons

  • Basically exactly what I want when navigating a website on my phone.

  • I wouldn't mind seeing some contrast in the background to help discern between different threads and different posts.

  • @Khahan In your profile settings you change the theme of the site. Don't know if that's what you mean.

  • Administrators

    I'm guessing he means making every other post/thread a slightly different shade, for contrast? I was hoping that the big spaces made it readable, but there might be a way to change it via theme.

    If you want, Khahan, feel free to make a post about this in the "Feature Requests" thread, so people can vote on it, so I know if it's an issue for other people, too!

  • Whats up with the tags? I see at the top I can click on tags and it will give me a list of things that are mentioned elsewhere in the site. How are things added to 'tags'? #tag

  • Administrators

    You can add arbitrary tags to a new topic (and I can edit existing tags to clean them up)

  • TMD Supporter

    So far I'm enjoying this very much. The design and usability is just super clean. I think this is really promising :)

  • I have one small gripe. The username and picture at the top of each post, not at the side as in a traditional forum. The conversation doesn't flow as much in this format as it does in a traditional forum where the text of posts follows one after the other after the other. Also maybe I'm just a grump, but I like the traditional forum styling better than this new bubbly pastel colored look.

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