Oh Boy I Can't Wait For VSL Season 6!

  • @socialite Probably something to do with the baby?

  • @rikter said in Oh Boy I Can't Wait For VSL Season 6!:

    @socialite Probably something to do with the baby?

    In general, there's no incentive to both perform well and put in effort (compared to other formats).

    The majority of the deck lists are straight rips or just very thoughtless piles of slop.

    No offense to LSV but I'd rather see a bunch of lesser named "pros" who are actually interested and have the energy to do something other than go through the motions for the camera.

  • Allllmosst Theeerrree......

  • Can someone post a schedule, maybe in a new thread?

  • @BazaarOfBaghdad awwww, what's wrong with my thread?

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    This is from the Patreon:

    "One of these 4 players will win a spot during week 1: Reid Duke, Kevin Cron, Oliver Tiu, Andy Probasco

    Then one of these 4 will win a spot during week 2: Stephen Menendian, Rachel Agnes, Rodrigo Togores, Caleb Durward

    The remaining 6 will play double elimination for the final spot during the last two shows in January. That will round out our newly expanded cast to 12 players when the regular season starts on February 7th.

    Meanwhile, here are the players already confirmed for Season 6:

    Randy Buehler
    Rich Shay
    Paul Rietzl
    Brian Kelly
    David Ochoa
    Eric Froehlich
    David Williams
    Chris Pikula
    Bob Maher"

  • So how bout this young Mr. Tiu?

  • @Topical_Island hmm, he played Gush in a very risky and aggressive way, often after already making his landdrop and ending turns without any lands on the board at all. However, he always did this with Mentor in play and in a commanding position in damage races so I guess it was right in the particular situations. Not sure what @Smmenen would have to say about that Gushing though : )

  • @kistrand

    And knowing when to break a general rule is evidence of playing at a very high level.

    It's really hard to say. He drew amazingly well in all his games. Going first against Eldrazi with their two respective draws was a nightmare scenario for Andy. He was lucky and had a best deck and did nothing to counter his luck so obviously he earns his spot.

  • There were some obvious misplays. I called out a particularly bad one in chat - with Gush on the stack and Force+blue card in hand, his opponent Forced his Gush. This cleared the way for him to play Snapcaster Mage into Treasure Cruise and sit on his Force and overwhelming card advantage, but instead he threw away the Force/Blue card for 2 random cards off the top of his deck by protecting his Gush. He got lucky and hit a Mentor (which the Cruise would also have drawn) and his opponent (Reid? I don't remember who was in the last Mentor mirror) drew a Mentor to bring things back into virtual parity from what should have been an overwhelming advantage. Oliver (if I'm remembering the match right) immediately top-decked Ancestral to make up for his misplays and win anyway, but that's neither here nor there.

  • @ajfirecracker I noticed the force on the gush too. One of the things that makes vintage such a high variance format is then even when you make a poor play (lowers chance of winning vs a different line) sometimes you get rewarded. Its taken me along time to appreciate these subtleties - the good Dr Shay's streams are very helpful in this regard as he often explains what can go wrong taking a particular line.

  • @ajfirecracker that sounds like Vintage 2017 right there. SMH.

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    Is the broadcast of Tuesday's matches available anywhere? Doesn't seem to be on Magic's Twitch or YouTube pages.

  • I pulled some video from the Magic Twitch page to make this: http://youtu.be/kxvt59R1h1Y (discussing the blunder I described above)

    It looks like they're still available here: http://www.twitch.tv/magic/videos/all

  • @revengeanceful You can find all the matches from season 6 on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3rP64NRtmbjEmQqIe5hiF9Z6v9d-xgnT

  • @revengeanceful i had a tough time finding it also, in twitch search for "VSL S6"

  • Really low quality of play today. Some great variety of decks, but sadly not the best play.

    Not to name names too hard but since @Smmenen didnt understand how he could beat Caleb's game 1 hand of Mental Missteps and Swords to Plowshares I'll throw my 2c in. Stephen had counters for 2 Swords which would operate through Missteps. Specifically, he had a Force of Will to stop 1 and a charged Flusterstorm to stop the other. I think using Gush to force a win in response to a Misstep on Probe is probably a mistake (but perhaps defensible if Stephen was worried about a topdeck of a strong instant). I am certain that the Force of Will was played incorrectly. With the relevant portion of the stack being Swords to Plowshares - Mental Misstep - Mental Misstep, Stephen cast Force on the opposing Misstep. This effectively downgrades Force to Misstep and turns on the opposing Misstep to, in effect, counter Stephen's Force. Simply Forcing the Swords directly avoids this and leaves Stephen with a "hard" counter in the form of Flusterstorm to stop the second Swords and win the game.

  • @ajfirecracker I thought the level of play was quite good. The baby Jace ultimate win was spectacular. And Rodrigo was excellent all night include the beautiful set up of Trap. Credit where credit is due.

  • I think Rodrigo mostly played well.

    The Baby Jace win was not that impressive - Caleb dropped Standstill in a losing position, waited too long to break out of it with Brainstorm, Rachel misplayed her hand and potentially gave Caleb an extra turn by hard casting Gush for no reason, which Randy somehow got Rodrigo to agree was fine...

    I mean, come on. It was cool to see an alternate kill but it was absolutely riddled with punts. Keep in mind I'm not talking about psychic plays or maybe their opponent has it. I'm talking about known information that players just did a bad job incorporating.

  • @ajfirecracker You and I remember Budapest very differently.