Im going to collect links to youtube& channels that provide Vintage content. If I miss any please let me know and I will add them to the OP. Short information about the channel would be appreciated! Please note this is still work in progress.

---------------YouTube Channels of TMD members:---------------

@RandyBuehler -
Vintage Super League seasons 1-4

@ajfirecracker -
Famous Pitch Dredge player/brewer who has uploaded quite many videos about it to the channel. Channel has also other mtg content and some Hearthstone videos.

@yugular -
DE replays with commentary

@kevdou -
Vintage matches added every few days

@Sibelius -
This is the youtube account of which is a UK based website providing eternal mtg content. Mostly Legacy but Vintage and Oldschool comes up as well!

---------------MtG YouTube channels that include Vintage content:---------------

Card Titan -
Eternal Weekend organizer. Event coverage archives.

WotC -
The official Youtube channel of WotC.
Vintage Super League S5 playlist

MTGGoldfish -
Look under instant decktechs playlist for some random Vintage content.

Draw 3 -
Vintage MTG discussion and box/booster openings. Will discuss the Vintage metagame, tournaments, and various cards regarding the format. @draw3 at TMD

MagicGatheringStrat -
Some vintage videos pop up from time to time as the channels host Dan Hรถrning tries to learn the format. Their Vintage playlist: [click]

Adelaide Eternal -
Adelaide Eternal run tournaments in the South Australia region, rotating through Legacy, Highlander, and Vintage on a monthly basis. @Sarven at TMD.

---------------Vintage streamers at

@The-Atog-Lord / Rich Shay -
@infant_no_1 -
@oRS -
@Brass-Man / Andy Probasco -
@Thermia -
@TigersBadger -
@Oestrus -
@kevdou -
@ChubbyRain / Matthew Murray -

Andrew Markitan -
Brian Kelly -

---------------Vintage Podcasts:---------------
Host of three Vintage podcasts:
Stay Free Podcast Network is hosting one Vintage podcast:

  • Talkin' Moxen by Thomas Dixon & Danny Batterman
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Cardtitan on youtube
Draw3 on youtube
So many Insane Plays Podcast
Tusk Talk Podcast
Serious Vintage Podcast: as well as their youtube channel. as well as their youtube channel.

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@Aelien said in Vintage @Youtube & @Twitch:

Hey! That's me! I stream every Friday, with the occasional P9 Challenge.

Thank you so very much for the links! If you know TMD usernames that I am missing please inform me ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for posting my link here.

@draw3 said in Vintage @Youtube & @Twitch:

Thank you for posting my link here.

Well thank you sir for making Vintage related content.

Keep the links flowing. I want to add as many content producers here as possible!

Hi guys,

Here is the link to our YouTube channel were we have video feature matches from our latest Vintage tournament (filmed IRL not online).

We hold Vintage in South Australia once every 3 months so further content will be uploaded too (if interested, Vintage fans can subscribe to the channel and receive an update the moment our next Vintage coverage goes online).

Cheers for having a place to share content! Rgds, S.

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Posting here to remind myself to update this: I'll be streaming shortly-ish (a week or two)

Correction: if my PC Handles it, I will be streaming soon. I might end up needing to update my video card and maybe my CPU and RAM.

Basically, a new PC Build. We'll see. I'm going to increase my RAM first and do a PC Clean out, and then hardline my PC to internet, and see if that helps.

@Soly Hopefully you are able to set it up and running! I have the required hardware but my internet connection doesn't work seamlessly when streaming and I don't feel like upgrading it.. Also its really hard to think of plays and do the action while "performing" for live audience. I have found out that my way of making videos is recording replays.

edit. help me out! I am sure I am missing one Vintage podcast at least. I saw one on twitter someday but lost it...

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@Sarven Have watched a few of these. Keep it up. Love the commentary and the fact that it is RL Magic and not online.

This isn't Vintage content and I wont add it to the OP but I realize there is a huge overlap between Vintage players and those who appreciate the art in MtG. TheMagicManSam has a Youtube channel that focuses on mtg art and his playlist on Artist Studies is something worth checking out:

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I need to buy an i7 Processor; my old CPU cannot handle the requirements to post to twitch; so I am shooting for February.

It's super weird how much processing power MTGO+OBS takes up! I had to upgrade to get things running when I started, too

I'll always tweet when I go live and my stream title should let people know when it is Vintage. ๐Ÿ™‚

I stream when I can actually play a daily or occasionally when playing in TP for my friends to watch at

Be warned, I stream a decent amount of dota 2 as well and usually forget to change the game on twitch so apologies in advance for that.

^^^^^^^^^^OP UPDATED^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

@Brass-Man My Machine still plays Diablo 3 completely fine (not that I've played that game recently), but can't play MTGO with OBS. Their programming for MTGO is garbage.

To be fair, Diablo 3 is a pretty easy game as far as computer specs go. My computer is a few years old but runs 20+ chrome tabs, WoW, Dota 2, MTGO, OBS, and whatever other stuff I don't bother to close just fine. Occasionally there's a memory leak or something and I have to reopen it but that's about the extent of my complaints with MTGO.

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