12-11-16 Darkside Games Southwest/West coast vintage!

  • Hello All!

    I have been on the search for vintage in Vegas and I have found it! It is a group at Darkside games located at:

    9620 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89123

    From what I understand the group is currently meeting monthly with a 15 proxy limit. I have spoken to the store owner (Don) as well as Jeff Simpson who is currently acting TO for the legacy/vintage Sundays at the store and both are open to not only a weekly game, but also opening up the proxy limit to allow for diversity and inclusion, very similar to the game in Boston, where I got my start.

    So the next game will be Sunday December 11 at 1pm. I cant seem to find info on the entry, but I am going to assume that it is the same as Legacy, $10. I will be posting this thread on all of the facebook groups, but I would love to hear from everyone in terms of attendance to weekly events. If there are days that work best for you, I personally like Sunday, but lets see what we can come up with. Let me know your thoughts!

    All that said I plan to see you all on the 11th at 1!


    Isaac Foote

  • Entry is $10 and starting time is 1pm.

    The Sunday tournament is something would like to keep as is as there are a number of folks (including myself) who cannot play during the week. If adding a day is what the people want, I am sure Darkside Games would be happy to host.

    The only other idea being thrown around is a weekly vintage league where pairings are posted and it is up to the paired players to work out a day / time when their match will be played at Darkside Games, and results posted once match is complete. Would like to get enough to try this and have run more than a few weeks.

  • I am also all about sundays. The benefit of the potential two slots, a different day weekly might be that those monthly sunday events turn into monthly 1k's. Which is exactly where we want to be as a vintage scene. And also that would keep the sunday structure intact wit the 15 proxy rule, as most 1k's have that limit. Whatever we can get going regular I'd like to allow the full 75. This site has some great resources in terms of seeing what the most active vintage communities in the world look like. It's is a great model for us.

  • bump bump bump

  • We fired with 10 and played 4+1 rounds. Excellent group of players. Will be adding information on the next event 1/22/17 in the next couple of days. Looking foward to meeting some new faces.

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